8 Of the Best Stoner Gifts For The Cannabis Enthusiast in Your Life

We all know that one person who is a bit of a green thumb. They’re not much of a gardener, but they enjoy the harvest of the herbs. While they have a certain passion for the ganja, they are challenging to purchase gifts for.

They can get picky about the types of strains they indulge in and prefer to consume these goods via multiple methods, whether it’s smoking or eating. So what do you get the stoner that has everything?

With the cannabis industry blazing in profits thanks to legalization in various states, there is an abundance of marijuana-based products on shelves. If you’re unsure where to even begin, use this guide to help you find the best stoner gifts for your special bud.

1. Heady Glass Pipes Makes for the Best Stoner Gifts

If you’re looking for something unique and colorful, then it’s hard to go past a heady glass pipe. They are an expensive gift as they’re created using complex techniques and costly materials. One item can days or weeks before it’s ready to go on the shelf.

There are some heady glass pipe fakes out there, though, so you need to be careful. You can spot these by taking a look at the joints to see if they’re welded correctly or if there are any imperfections in the shape or color. The best places to purchase authentic pipes are from a specialized dealer.

2. GRAV Coffee Mug Bubbler

For the coffee and cannabis enthusiast, this handy mug features a perc and smoke pathway built into the cup’s handle. It also features an ample bubble chamber to make for a pleasant smoking experience.

It stands at 4″ tall at the top of the mug, and 7″ to the tip of the straw. It’s part of the GRAV sip series, so if this style is not your cup of tea, then there are other designs available.

3. Herb Guard Large Smell Proof Case and Stash Box

One of the best stoner gifts on Amazon is this case and stash box. It locks all of the smells inside the bag to keep your products fresh and discreet from prying noses. It’s perfect for enthusiasts who want a sleek and stylish design in their home or those who prefer to travel with their goods.

It holds up to three ounces in smell proof jars or resealable travel bags. There’s also a combination lock attached if you leave your bag unattended.

4. Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

A cookbook can make for a great gift for the non-smoker stoners. Inspired by the shows MUNCHIES and the Viceland series of the same name, this cannabis cookbook contains several sweet and savory recipes. It also includes some instructions for cocktails if you’re feeling thirsty.

It also features several interesting pieces on marijuana politics, dosages, and how to pair strains and flavors. The cookbook is available as a hardcover or can be purchased for the Kindle as well.

5. Galactic Rolling Papers

For an out of this world experience, your stoner friend will blast off when they see these galactic rolling papers. They are one of the best cheap stoner gifts as they are thin yet slow-burning so that your friend can savor every puff.

They come in packs of two and are king-size unbleached hemp rolling papers. Each booklet contains 33 leaves and is designed for tobacco use.

6. Replica Music Festival Eau de Toilette

The essence of a music festival is unmistakable. On a hot summer day, the air is filled with the scents of mud, sweat, and a hint of cannabis. This perfume drops the sweat and mud smell and replaces it with incense oil and leather accord to help you relive those festival vibes.

This Eau de Toilette pays tribute to Woodstock, 1969. It’s meant to conjure images of peace and tranquility while you sway to the iconic sounds of the era. It’s a unisex fragrance that’s one of the best gifts for a stoner girl or boy.

7. Fruit Fantasy Apple Pipe

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but they probably didn’t mean this one. Apple pipes are common amongst the cannabis community however, this one resembles something you’d see in an art museum. 

Standing at 3″ high and 3″ wide, the white ceramic apple is glazed with a lead-free food-safe solution. It might not provide the same feeling as a normal apple, but it’s better than a late-night run to the fruit market.

8. MB2e MagicalButter Machine

This device is famous for being the world’s first countertop botanical extractor. It’s designed specifically for infusing the herb essences into butter, oil, lotions, and more. The MagicalButter Machine does this by combing an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat and a heating unit. 

Your friend won’t need to lift a finger to create unique recipes and infusions. It will do all the work, including grinding, heating, stirring, and steeping the herbal extract. The machine knows when to complete each step and when temperatures need adjusting.

The best part is that the machine is self-cleaning. So your friend can sit back and watch the magic happen.

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