7 Unique and Cool Smoking Accessories for Your Dispensary

It can be difficult to find ways to set yourself apart from the competition, especially when you’re running a dispensary. The quality of your product is certainly the most effective way to get a leg up on the competition, but it’s important to have distinctive smoking accessories as well. 

Fun and interesting accessories can keep people coming back and help distinguish your brand in the community. We’re going to look at some fun accessory ideas for your dispensary in this article, giving you some food for thought on how to spice up your product line. 

Let’s get started.

1. Custom Rolling Trays

You can find rolling trays at most head shops and dispensaries, but you rarely see customizable ones. 

A custom rolling tray could be a great way to draw people into your store. Additionally, the product will be a cherished piece of their collection and their friends will undoubtedly want to get one. 

2. Original Glass Work

Your glass selection can really distinguish your brand as well. It’s one thing to have a product line of mass-produced bowls and water pipes, but having custom glass blown by local artists is a huge draw. 

There are bound to be glassblowers in your area. Contact them and see what they have to offer. If their stuff is great, it could be a lasting addition to your product line. 

3. Oil Infuser

While there are options for pre-made edibles and other goodies, sometimes people like to take the work into their own hands. 

Making cannabis brownies is a fun tradition for some people, but it gets a little testy when it comes to the chemistry aspect. Oil infusers help by allowing people to place their herbs into a machine along with their butter or oil and have it infused mechanically. 

This takes lowers the risk of using way too much or too little cannabis in the final product. 

4. Affordable, Stylish Pieces

You can’t only sell high-end, hand-blown pieces. Sometimes, people want to buy a water pipe or piece that’s affordable, stylish, and effective. 

Take some time with your selections and try to match the products with your brand. You can go anywhere to buy a 6-foot plastic water pipe, but really great pieces come from great dispensaries. 

5. Artwork and Ambience

Incense, artwork, candles, and other trinkets are big additions to your product line. There’s a reason that headshops over the ages have specialized in niche products like incense and posters of Jimi Hendrix. People love them, and they add ambiance to a room. 

You don’t have to go with all of the cliche posters and the like, but try to provide some interesting options for your customers. 

6. Informational Books and Pamphlets

Cannabis is extremely popular, but not everyone knows its history or its medical benefits. Give your customers a variety of coffee-table books and light reading options that can inform them.

While you’re at it, throw some other literature into the mix to add some personality to your selection. 

7. Vapes, Rigs, and Modern Pieces

The final thing to keep in mind is that everyone has a different preferred method of smoking. Your dispensary probably sells wax, oil, and flower. 

Give your customers opportunities to buy products that work with all of those options. Dab rigs and vaporizers are varied and constantly changing, make sure you keep up with the trends. 

Need More Help for Your Dispensary?

Running a dispensary can be hard when you’re just starting out. Things are easier when you have new ideas and inspiration coming your way. We’re here to bring you those things. 

Explore our site for more insight into cannabis and products that you incorporate into your shop. 

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