When is nearby memory care a good choice for a dementia sufferer?

What bothers most of us is when the right time to send a loved one to a memory care facility? It is different depending on the individual, and it also differs based on the caregiver facility. There is no downside of sending your loved one to a memory care facility. However, you must ensure that the facility has the necessities. If you delay sending your loved one to some memory care homes, it might penalize them unnecessarily. Your delay might even prove fatal for them. Do not wait when you start noticing warning signs in a person, you know. There are endless possibilities where your loved ones might hurt or harm themselves. It will help if you take warning signs of memory disorder very seriously. 

Several reasons make it imperative that you send your loved one to a memory care facility as soon as you know about the memory disorder.

Better Medical Care

As all the patients get fully regulated medicines, there are chances that they will recover faster. The nursing staff has strict instructions to maintain strict schedules for the patients. They follow the diet regime as instructed by the doctor without any changes. As the patients get timely food and medicine, it might speed up their recovery. If you notice any deterioration in the patient’s health care condition, you must immediately report to the concerned doctor. Thus you do not have to worry about your loved one once you drop them in a memory care unit. However, you must ensure that the memory care unit is a professional and a reputed one.

 If you do not send them to a medical facility and keep them at home, then it might be difficult for you to monitor their food and medicines on a timely basis. It is true when you stay with a patient of dementia; you learn a lot about their health condition. However, your knowledge is still limited, as a medical professional will know much more than you. It might be difficult for you to notice signs of decorating health conditions leading to severe health issues. It would be much easier for a medical professional to address any sign of bad health condition and deal with it professionally.

Difficulty in dealing with the mobility

You must know severe patients of Alzheimer’s dementia have minimal mobility. The limited mobility of the patient becomes a problem for the patient and also for the caregiver. It might also pose severe threats to their life. Taking your loved one to the bathroom might put them at the risk of falling. You might even get hurt in the process, and you might also harm the other person. Daily life activities like bathing, dressing them up, taking them to the toilet that is constant care and attention becomes imperative. It becomes complicated for anyone to do all these activities for the patient with their usual daily course. Thus it is indispensable to send them to a facility where professional staff cater to their needs and even give them proper care.

Might start wandering

In many cases, patients of memory disorder go out without informing the caregiver and wander. The situation becomes very grave in many instances. Sometimes locating them becomes very difficult. As you cannot rely on their memory to come back home, it might create a panic in the house. It is indispensable that dementia care patients have supervised care supplemented with proper medical attention. As most of the medical facility has surveillance cameras, there are fewer chances that they might go out and wander. There are multiple cameras and multiple staff members to monitor and watch on them; thus, there is a decreased risk of accidents. They cannot roam out, hurting, or injuring themselves. The memory care facility has a massive crowd with many employees; as such, they are safe.

The caregiver has to deal with a lot of stress

Stress can affect anybody, and it can exacerbate any health disorder that you may have. It is essential that while you are caregiving a patient of memory disorder, you have to take care of yourself. Do not over exhaust yourself emotionally or physically. You have to give yourself a priority along with the patient. You cannot ignore your emotional or physical needs. Since a memory disorder person requires proper attention and regular care, it becomes complicated for the caregiver to care for them. It is indispensable to send the patient to the memory care facility so that both the caregiver and the patient can get proper attention and time for themselves. It is for the well-being and the interest of both the caregiver and the patient that you send the person with a memory disorder to a properly reputed mental care facility. 

Many people are indeed committed to taking care of their loved ones, and they do not want to send them to memory care in Connecticut. However, due respect to your commitment, you need to understand that they need professional care and medical attention regularly for a speedy recovery.

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