Tips for Maximum Calorie Burning on the Elliptical Machine

When it comes to losing weight and having a toned body, the only way is to burn more calories than is normally consumed. One pound of fat equals about 3,500 calories. This means you will need to burn 500 to 1000 more calories than you would every day to lose almost 2 pounds per week. Using just an exercise machine or elliptical machine that costs between $300 and $1000 can help you burn calories; Wisely using the elliptical machine can help you maximize the calories you burn in one workout.

A person weighing over 150 pounds burns about 335 calories while working out with the elliptical for 30 minutes. This means that half an hour on the elliptical doesn’t burn as many calories as a 30-minute natural jog or swim.

Here we will guide you to make the most of your elliptical machine.

1. Increase tilt

Increasing inclination with your elliptical machine makes your muscles work harder. Muscles use calories as fuel, so the more active your muscles are, the more calories you burn. Increasing your incline is like running on a steep terrain, which makes your muscles work much harder than working on a moderate incline. Tilt changes are also one of the goals to increase the performance of other muscle groups to help burn more calories.

2. Change training speed and intensity

Research shows that intense exercise (HIIT) can burn more calories than other types of exercise. HIIT includes short bursts of intense physical activity followed by short rest periods or light activity. The American Fitness Council (ACE) says that HIIT on an elliptical can even temporarily speed up your metabolism so you can burn more calories during exercise and in a short period of time, while you are resting. ACE also says that doing HIIT on an elliptical can increase your post-exercise oxygen consumption, meaning your body can burn more calories, even shortly after you stop exercising.

3. Increased heart rate

Your heart rate is a good indicator of exercise intensity and calorie burning, the faster you exercise the more heart rate and the more calories you burn.

Your normal calorie burning heart rate is around 70. How fast will your maximum heart rate beat when you exercise. You can calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. For example, if you’re 35, your maximum heart rate would be 185 and your fat burning heart rate would be around 130. beats per minute.

4. Follow the exercise program

Following an exercise program can get you on the right track. iFit offers unlimited workouts that maximize the effectiveness of your elliptical full body workout in the comfort of your own home. Using iFit’s exercise programs will boost your workouts to help you set and exceed your goals for burning the most calories.

5. Use your feet

Running will burn more calories, especially with the heavy elliptical. For the elliptical when you go into the exercise, the whole body will be active and most importantly, the legs will be the place to burn the most calories due to the most active muscle mass.

6. Use your hands

When exercising your arms will maximize calorie burn. The more muscle groups in your body work out, the more calories you burn, which helps you train with the most efficient elliptical, when interacting with the handle during exercise.

7. Use advanced tools and technology

Your elliptical machine contains an incredible amount of tools and technologies that help you burn as many calories as possible from your exercise equipment. Be sure to enter your personal information into your machine to get the correct workout regimen.

Incorporate these training tips into your daily elliptical machine to burn more calories in one session. Maximizing the amount of calories you burn on your body can help you reach your weight goals quickly without dieting or exercising longer.

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