The adventures of falling in love compiled

Deisy Suarez-Giles still dreamed about writing a book, but she never thought she would in a pandemic. Suarez-Giles, like all other business owners during COVID-19, had to lock the doors temporarily to the DTLA Day Spa DESUAR Spa. Suarez-Giles had to take some time to resume immediately because, during quarantine, she hadn’t been accustomed to inactivity. However, when her husband Keith suggested the book project’s launch, Suarez-Giles was inspired, and in 30 days, the first publication was written.

Her book; “Marriage Material: How I Met My Husband”, takes the reader on an exciting and enjoyable trip, exploring how the chapters represent the story of two very different persons with distinct personalities in love. Deisy and Keith had to overcome several challenges in their search for marriage.

She wasn’t in Los Angeles. She still traveled in anticipation that she will fall in love along the way to Paris and New York. But to her consternation, she did not fall in love.

Deisy knew little that her future husband returned to Los Angeles with her. Her husband was in front of her, but Deisy never noticed because the two never appeared united. Yet love has been born. Finally, they began to realize how their disagreements can be put aside. She realized they were suited towards each other, so instead of repelling, they couldn’t live without each other. They became electrically stimulated.

The book also looks at the facts of ties, partnerships, and marriages. Her sour and sweet wedding day was one of her novel’s critical hurdles. When she married the love of her life, she was away from her loved ones. That’s why Deisy knows how complicated it is for people who have fled their homes through this pandemic.

Now Deisy and Keith Giles are blessed with two lovely children. They run their famous day spa company in California as a team. You have served untiringly for your relationship and have maintained your life energies and love. As an author of beauty and fitness, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Keith respects his wife’s wishes. Also, Deisy is hoping to inspire her readers with her book, particularly during these difficult times.

About Deisy Suarez-Giles:

DESUAR Spa Boss in the downtown area of LA. Her interest started many years earlier when, as a talented artist, she was a young man in New York who made masks and clothes on the kitchen sink more than 16 years ago. He is also an activist, philanthropist, author, content creator, and animal lover.

Without Deisy ‘s lifelong contribution towards studying, none of this success will be possible. As a professional and licensed massage therapist, she attended the National Institute of Holistic Therapy in 2010 to complete her massage program by gaining 720 hours in western and eastern massage types. The next year Deisy returned to school to become an esthetician certified and certified.

She recently graduated with a major in Spa and Hotel Management from the University of California with a degree in Advanced Skin Research (Cidesco for Advanced Skin Examination), Phytomer and Hydrafacial Medicine.

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