How to correct acne scars according to a celebrity doctor

With many experiencing an uptick in breakouts while in isolation, the concern for blemishes is ever-growing. Especially when blemishes leave scars in their trail. So, if you’re wondering how to manage acne scars, trust that—while they can be frustratingly stubborn to treat—with time, dedication, and the right arsenal of products and treatments in your stable, you can effectively reduce their appearance.

A vital part of treating acne scars is understanding what they are: small depressions or indentations in the skin that result from moderate to severe acne. Secondly, it’s important to note that there are different types: ice pick, rolling, and boxcar scars, depending on their size, shape, and contour. “Acne breakouts, depending on the severity, can affect not only the top layer of the skin but also the deeper levels as well,” explains Southern California’s top cosmetic dermatologist Simon Ourian. “As the inflammation subsides and the skin tries to heal, scar tissue can ensue. Severely inflammatory acne, external factors such as picking, and delayed onset of treatment can all lead to scarring.”

Help is here! Bring back in Dr. Simon Ourian, a seasoned specialist when it comes to acne scarring. Over much of his career, Dr. Simon Ourian has spent years training in aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. Different pioneers trained him in the fields of plastic surgery, dermatology, and anti-aging medicine. Moreover, having opened his own practice in Beverly Hills, while working in the most progressive locales in the world of aesthetic expertise: the vitality and wonder of such places as Miami, London, Paris and Dubai, have expanded his knowledge, sharpened his skills, and perfected his keen eye for exquisite detail. We take a more in-depth look with Dr. Ourian about his Coolaser™ facial, to learn more about this game-changing treatment.

For the best in treating acne scars for both teenagers and adults, Dr. Simon Ourian has developed Coolaser, only available at Epione. This unique technique for skin resurfacing has proven to be a viable treatment option for many patients who have experienced acne scarring. Laser Skin Resurfacing before & after results are overwhelmingly positive. The benefits of the treatment for the facial area are apparent. It also treats wrinkles, evens out skin tone, and removes most superficial blemishes. One excellent quality of the Coolaser technique is that it can be used on the neck and other parts of the body.

A significant aspect of why the laser skin resurfacing before & after results can be dramatic is the healing time is much quicker than with conventional surgery. During the procedure, the treatment area is first cooled with a special device. Then, a series of light pulses are flashed on the skin’s surface to stimulate cell repair and collagen growth. Dr. Ourian claims that his procedure is safer and more effective than other lasers on scarred skin, which previously could not safely undergo laser treatment.

Coolaser decreases the level of comfort patients experience by means of cooling the skin throughout the course of the treatment. Light pulses are projected onto the affected skin surface, and when the skin absorbs that light energy, the blemishes vaporize, one microscopic layer at a time. This approach allows the physician to retain precise control over treatment. The cooling makes the procedure much more comfortable than other types of laser treatments and microdermabrasion, and there is typically no long recovery period required.

Dr. Ourian and the Epione laser and aesthetic medical center specialize in minimally invasive procedures. To learn more about Epione Beverly Hills and its signature products and treatments, visit Sign up for Epione’s newsletter and receive a $100 gift card instantly.

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