What is Nutritional Therapy and how can it help you?

Nutritional therapy is a nutrition and health program that lasts between 8-24 weeks. During this program, you will receive a qualified nutritionist who will examine your diet, your health and make appropriate food recommendations based on the examinations. 

Do you ever struggle with random mood swings? Maybe your hair is brittle or you struggle with skin breakouts? One of the reasons you may be suffering from these is due to your diet. With nutritional therapy, you will find out exactly what the body is missing and what to eat to reduce or eliminate any symptoms you are experiencing. 

What does nutritional therapy include?

Some companies, like Nutrition2change, offer nutritional therapy programs that include the following:

1. Nutritional Deficiency analysis

Nutrition2change will analyse your diet and identify any deficiencies you are facing. They will also explain how these deficiencies may be affecting your health and make appropriate recommendations so you can obtain enough of these nutrients. 

2. Lab testing

With Nutrition2change, some of their programs include lab testing. These lab tests are to check for any food intolerance or allergies. You can also request to get a different lab test.They offer a wide range of lab tests. This option is only available to people living in the UK, but if you do live in the UK then the great part is that you can ask for the lab test to be delivered to your house so you can take it, ask for a home visit from a qualified nurse or go visit a health clinic near you. 

2. Personalised diet plan

Upon findings from nutritional deficiency analysis, nutrition2change will also create a personalised diet plan so you can obtain an appropriate balance of nutrients and energy. This will make you feel better and reduce any symptoms you may be facing. 

Benefits of nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy focuses on your health and body, it identifies what is wrong with what you are currently eating and how it’s all affecting your body and the risks you are placing it under if you continue eating like this. It is a great way of seeing in black and white what you are eating and where you are going wrong. 

With nutritional therapy, you will be able to achieve optimum nutrition whether this is to improve your health, reduce certain symptoms, to build muscle or lose weight. With optimum nutrition, not only will you improve your confidence, feel happier and more energised but you’ll also start seeing body changes much quicker as the body will be able to work more effectively and more efficiently. 

SummaryNutritional therapy is a great option for anyone looking to identify nutritional deficiencies, improve their health and reduce any symptoms they are currently experiencing. If you wish to try nutritional therapy, then check out Nutritional therapy programs provided by Nutrition2change. These programs are very highly rated and budget-friendly.

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