What are the Causes of Construction Accidents

As we all know that construction sites are among the most dangerous jobs in the world and are prone to accidents. According to the statistical survey, 20 percent of fatal accidents take place in construction. And out of that 20 percent, 50 percent of accidents take place in the United States. And that is the reason why to hire a New York Construction Accident Attorney when working in New York City. No matter how many precautions are taken, how many safety measures are taken, no construction company is at risk. However, accidents don’t take place on their own. Construction accidents occur due to a series of events, mishaps, or other reasons that ultimately lead to fatal and catastrophic incidents.

Let us tell you some of the common reasons for such accidents.

  1. Fall

There is no surprise in there that falls are the most common reason for accidents. Not just in construction, but in any job a fall from a certain height is damaging. However, according to a report, falls are the reasons that cause most deaths of the construction workers on the construction sites in the world, with more than 1000 fatalities each year. Proper and accurate fall protections on the construction sites aren’t always in the proper place. Even the scaffolding safety is so poor that you can not rely upon them completely. Issues with scaffolding pose hefty risks and it contributes to the hazardous fall every now and then. These can not be prevented completely because even after a lot of safety measures, the risk is still there. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take precautions. It is up to the contractor and the employer how they want to protect their workers from falling. They can invest a bit more in safety gear such as robust helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads, harness, toe rails, and handrails around the open platforms, etc.

  1. Struck by heavy equipment or object

Being struck by heavy objects or equipment may sound a bit light and not serious, however, we can assure you it is nothing like it seems. Getting struck by heavy objects can cause severe damage, it can crack open someone’s head or cause death. 10% of total deaths on construction sites are caused due to workers being struck by objects at the workplace. There are many reasons and different incidents where an object can hit a person, for instance, a heavy object or even a small tool made of iron falling from a height can cause great damage. Flying or falling sharp debris, the loose suspended load can crush someone underneath, swinging load can hit someone, lost control of equipment or tools, etc. Usually, when any of these incidences take place, the workers or anyone for that matter is caught off guard, they are unprepared and taken by shock and surprise. It happens in friction of seconds, senses stop, they don’t have time to react, and before they can save themselves, it is too late. This happens when the person sees the danger coming its way, but, in most cases, people are not aware of what is coming to their way and they don’t even get a chance to save themselves. New York Construction accident attorney

Can help workers with the proceedings, and it is mandatory to hire an attorney as the insurance company will try to put the blame on the worker for their condition.

Prevention is better than cure so it would be nice if all the workers are properly protected and are given the proper safety gear such as helmet, facemask, eyewear goggles, etc. Make sure the helmets or the head gear are strong and it covers the head entirely. Make a plan and make sure that all the equipment and tools are secured, nothing is loose.

Give proper instructions to the workers such as never stand under the suspended load, try to be visible on the construction site so that the workers on higher altitude know you’re there.

  1. Slipping

Another major contributor to catastrophic accidents is slipping and ripping off. There are myriad chances and opportunities such as uneven ground, holes, dampness, or even weather condition can cause a person to slip. Even after taking high measures of precautions, you can never be certain about slips and trips, it can occur anywhere and it can happen to anyone. Slips are a bit tricky sort of accidents, they can be fatal or they can be completely harmless. A victim will get compensation on the basis of the degree of injury. It would be preferable to hire an attorney, especially for accidents like these as insurance companies can try to eliminate you from getting the compensation amount.

  1. Getting Crushed under loads

People also called these accidents as “caught in between”. Even these types of accidents are a major contributor to deaths of workers every year. It happens when workers or part of their body get crushed or caught or  squished between two objects or surfaces. This happens because of negligence such as unguarded machinery or construction tools and equipment suddenly rollovers. These accidents can cause serious damage to a body for instance, bone can get crushed really badly, and this can cause a person to lose their limbs or become disabled for life. A severe accident of this type can also cause a worker to lose their ability to work. We suggest you consult aNew York construction accident attorney for better understanding of the case and the compensation amount. Insurance compensation in this case is really important because if one looses the ability to work then his or her entire life ahead of him or her changes completely.

However, making sure that these accidents don’t occur would be very nice and helpful for the workers. To do that, you need to tell your workers to make sure that no machinery or equipment is left unattended or unguarded, make all the workers aware of the crush points, use sign boards such as danger, work in progress, be aware, don’t stand uncer, etc so that not only worker, but other visiting personnel is also aware and makes himself/herself safer and secure.

Make sure that the machinery and equipment are handled only by the authorised and an experienced person.

  1. Electrocution

Electrocution is also one of the most dangerous accidents in the world. It contributes upto 9% of total fatal workplace deaths in the world. This can happen due to negligence or can even occur naturally.

To protect your workers from these types of accidents, make sure to give them PPE kits also known as Personal Protective Equipment kits, make them aware about how to be careful when working with electric wires, and all the activities are performed under the supervision of an expert.

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