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The world is heavily investing in construction business and moving their nations towards the luxurious life. For this purpose, Pakistan is not far behind. Pakistan rightly recognized now the potential of construction industries. For years, Pakistan is putting money into this industry. The Blue World City is one of the phenomenal housing project commenced by the Blue Group of Companies. This out of ordinary housing project

The Blue World City is intertwined and located with the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Islamabad is the dream city for everyone as it is one of the most peaceful cities of the world and it is among the five most beautiful capitals of the world too. The most important and exceptional quality connected to this housing project is that it is another milestone towards the friendship of China-Pakistan as it comes under the direct influence of Chinese Authorities. It means China and Pakistan are jointly investing in this housing project.

Thus, Blue World City will add another feather to the success of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Those who are looking for commercial success and making money profitable, this housing society will definitely be the one for them to feel like over the moon in near future. It is an extraordinary chance for the people to invest and put money in real estate with a limited budget.

In collaboration with China, for the first time, Blue Group of Companies (BGC) initiates a private housing project in Pakistan. A Blue World City is a BGC-IGC Consortium leading project. This housing project is established and created with the joint assistance of Chinese investment organization. The main aim of this project is to improve and boost Pak-China friendship in the region and to provide first-class yet affordable lifestyle to the people of Pakistan.  


Blue World City is located near Islamabad International airport and Adiala road. It is close to Bahria town phase 8 and Garden Villas whereas on a 5 minutes’ drive from Qurtaba city. In its vicinity is located CPEC and Motorway M-2.

BGC-IGC Consortium

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) was inaugurated in Lahore in 1998. It was a small company at first but over time, it expanded and became famous internationally. Now it is subdivided into many small companies, which perform different tasks.  

BGC-IGC is said to be a rapidly growing business in Pakistan. It is not just locally famous but also internationally acclaimed in Golf countries and North America. It is providing opportunities for employment to the youth to upgrade the economy of Pakistan.

BGC-IGC Consortium views private sectors as an essential part of a country. They manoeuvre with the belief that private sectors should play their role in the betterment of the country by supporting the government of Pakistan. As a result, they have taken an initiative of Blue World City, which is the first private housing project in Pakistan.

Blue world city NOC

Blue World City NOC was already approved and allotted by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) which can be analyses with the Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019

At first, the land allotted to the housing society was almost 427 Kanal only. After the short time another program was immediately approved to accept the Planning and Advertising event for 5,000 Kanal lands. In a little time, this additional 5,000 Kanal land was awarded for phase1 also.

Currently at this time, BWC housing society is anticipating that soon they will get approval of NOC for the reason that of its land expansion area like its neighboring house society for example Capital Smart City and Qurtaba housing society .

Smart Architectural plan

Blue World City designers adopted Chinese architectural strategies to build this city. Latest technology and machinery used in the construction of the city. The environment is maintained peaceful and attractive. 

Plots sizes 

The sizes of plots accepted by RDA is as follows:

  1. Residential Plots 

It includes 5, 6, 8 Marlas and 1 to 2 Kanal plots

  • Commercial Plots

            It includes 5 and 8 Marla plot

  • Farmhouse Plots

            It includes 4 and 8 Kanal plots.

Owner and Developers:

BWC housing society is a project of Blue Group of Companies and is owned by Saad Nazir, who is son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore Ch.Nazeer. Blue Group of Companies has contracted an M.O.U with Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company from China for development of the society.

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Blue Group of Companies began its ventures in 1989 in Lahore city by presenting its architectural design and number of construction services. The BGC company was soon able to develop a very positive and sound reputation of having a reliable and professional association and it also became effective in attracting the interest of customers in the real estate market.

Ever Since then the firm has evolved into being a one stop solution for different services including real estate, expansion, and marketing and advertising, architectural design, construction and manufacture, IT assistance and business printing. In addition to these local services the firm has also indulged in the wholesale business and holds a variety of expediency retail stores and clothing brands.

Blue Group of Companies has more than 300 experts and professionals employed in various positions, make it to one of the most diversified businesses in Pakistan.

Company Structure:

Blue Group of Companies possesses a highly varied set of firms comprising of the following construction Companies:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • WPZ
  • Blue Media
  • Mart Blue
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix

Previous Projects by BGC:

Saad Nazir has earlier given many successful and fruitful business and number of housing projects for example PIA co-operative Housing Society, Center Park in Lahore, Blue Sapphire, Blue mart and Blue technologies. Blue World City is the most modern housing scheme which is developing under the umbrella of Blue group of Companies

Why should you choose and how this society will change your life style?

According to location of Blue World City, it is near Chakri Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 and also near to Islamabad Airport. Not only this, BWC has many well-known and widely acclaimed established societies like Capital Smart City, Faisal Hills, Argo Farms and Mumtaz City Star as a neighboring society. This location makes this housing project unique among all. The next reason to invest your precious money in this society is the inclusion of two million Chinese natives as a residents in this housing scheme in order to promote Pak-China friendship and making CPEC more speedy in terms of construction. This inclusion of Chinese will enhance the exchange of cultures. It will create sense of elitism in people of lower-class who have always craved for this lavish elegant life.

Along with this, project is going to be designed by very well known and experience architects and designers of China and it can also be considered as one of the reason of choosing this housing society for your future residence.

The addition and insertion of Awami Residential Complex in Blue World City is adding feathers to this sublime and elevated project. This addition has fascinated many people to buy part of land in this housing project.

People are always in search of trust worthy projects where they can invest their precious money without any hesitation. So the factor of trust can be another reason to come down in favor of this housing society. As this project is under the supervision of Chinese Authorities along with the well known company, Blue Group Of Companies, which was started in 1989 and got enough reputation in a single spell of decade and laid hold of major attention of people and clients. Blue World City has also got NOC which was issued by Rawalipindi Development Authority (RDA) in 2019. The society has 5000 Kanal of land with all fulfilled legal formalities and permission by government. So this society is the most trustworthy for spending money on it and spending stylish life in BWC.

The last but not the least reason of choosing this society is the offer of easiest installments process by Blue World City. The society is divided into two blocks: one for the overseas and other for the residents. Blue World City offers four years plan ranging from 1290,000/- for 5 Marla to 4500,000 for 2 Kanal. The 5 Marla starts with 15% down payment and 13,706/- per month. The installments last for forty months. It means middle-class families have also a great chance to grab this opportunity with easy installments. So Blue World City has made easy for the low income people to buy and fulfill the dream of having own house. So all these reasons will compel you to choose Blue World City and avail the chance of changing the standards of your life.

Facilities and Design

In many of our housing societies in Pakistan, there is problem of gas, electricity and water. However, Blue World City has solved this problem for its residents. After investing heavily, BWC has gained access to all these amenities for his clients. These necessities are available without the single jerk or break. The best thing is the underground electricity system which is again helpful in according to weather conditions of Islamabad. The water treatment plant and sewerage treatment plant are also implanted in Blue World City to facilitate the residents by all means. It has a very unique identified gate entry system along with wide roads, 120 feet wide carpeted streets and dense and tightly packed infrastructure. In every society, security is considered one of the first priority and Blue World City has not also compromised on it. There is 24 hours CCTV security and CCTV surveillance along with facial and object recognition cameras, making it one of the unique system of security for residents to live without any stress. In addition, parks, jogging tracks, mini golf club, sports and cultural complex, water theme park and theaters are also the part of this housing project in order make people’s life healthy mentally and physically. The most interesting thing to note down about Blue World City is Blue Mosque that is replica of Blue Mosque which is also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque located in Istanbul, Turkey. This thing will create spiritual attachment to this mosque and will tell the hard work of architects and designers and this hard work will be paid out to Blue World City. 

The permission for the development of Phase 1 is approved by the government and the possession of plots will be handed over to clients once its development work is completed. It is a golden chance for individuals who want to live and give luxurious and peaceful life to their next generation with very limited budget and ample time for paying. So, Blue World City is going to be an other revolution in construction industry of Pakistan. 

Blue World City Pak China Friendly City:

The higher authority of this home venture has previously contracted a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal Engineering it is a number one investment, consultancy and development company which is established in China. It will develop this Blue World City mega housing job and also will make it a more fruitful Pak China favorable venture. Given below are some solid reasons to why this home society will perhaps be immense point in improving the alliance between both neighboring companies and now the earliest Pak-China friendly City.

1.Development of Pakistanis:

This home society is going to be manufactured with Chinese abilities & technology in addition to the aid of professionals in Pakistan. The quality of development and maintenance that this society will fit most of the worldwide standards of living. The society may even focus on all of the requirements involving commercial and financial zones, residential locations, instruction, and fitness institutes & entertainment clubs, and which makes this home society “A Pak-China Friendly Society”.

2. Pak-China Investment:

The Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company has made a bond with authorities of the Blue world city to make a separate place and area for Chinese investment within this outstanding home strategy. It will make this venture a joint agreement not between 2 companies but also between 2 and it will thereby make it to be more  Pak-China friendly society in a very legitimate sense.

3. CPEC Route Proximity:

The positioning of CPEC Course is quite in close proximity to Blue world City Islamabad. It is a joint venture between Pakistan and China which will enhance the transaction and involve both nations. Since approximately all the employees will undoubtedly need a place to live that’s why Blue World City is providing a secure and local accommodation. It is going to offer an extraordinary accommodation to meet important and basic requirements of them.

4. Chinese Architecture and Development:

The infrastructure of society is going to undoubtedly be developed with Chinese procedures and structure . The master design of this society and also the architectural design is going to be motivated by the advanced structure of those cities in China. So rendering it a marvel of China-Pakistan friendship.

5. Accommodation for Chinese Adventures:

Blue World City is not only the housing society for Pakistan but also for Chinese and other foreigners. A large number of Chinese taxpayers are going to settle in Pakistan in just few years due to CPEC project. As this housing endeavor may likewise be manufactured by researchers and it is expected for over 10,000 Chinese citizens for both development and construction work.

A particularly separate block is marked for Chinese citizens at the society under marital ownership. Blue world City Islamabad may be your precise first Pak-China friendly Town to be constructed in Pakistan that will reap both the states economically and socially. This society won’t only attract citizen of China and Pakistan closer; it’s going to likewise present boundless residential and commercial chances for its own occupants. The partnership may even promote stability and calmness from the spot and certainly will encourage foreign exchange from the nation.

Why Spend Money on Blue World City?

This really is a non existent home society that’ll change the understanding of low-class accommodation at Pakistan, maybe not just individuals who have a constrained budget may put money into the society and supply their spouse and children a cozy living but in addition with elite centers and ultimate location. If you’re still unsure in booking your storyline within this job why don’t we list down the significant points for those can assist you in making your choice easier.

1.      Best and Convenient housing society:

In contrast with different societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi such as Park view city along with Taj Residencia, the costs provided are undeniably the most economic and suitable. The easy instalment prepares of modern society that helps make it possible for people with low income salaries to eventually become a place which introduce luxury accommodation with their loved ones

2. Easy Installment strategy:

Similar to the many dwelling societies out of the positioning like top city 1 together with Gulberg Green, Blue world city housing society also provides a very convenient and simple 4 year instalment plan which intend to provide method to pay for variety of sizes and sorts of plots to find the viability of its own investors owned by the majority of classes of modern society thus which makes it the most suitable & most matching area to devote your own savings

3. Modern Tours:

This modern society will be equipped with the majority of the contemporary and basic home centres. Moreover delivering essentials such as petrol, new drinking water, and strength, the modern society has included parks, cinemas, malls, cinemas and distinctive leisure clubs for the facilities of its own occupants. By acquiring this particular society, you are setting up today’s, lavish and relaxing lifestyle.

4. Peaceful and tranquil valley:

Blue world will let you undergo a carefree life closer to nature. A modern society encircled with the lush green area in addition to a serene environment much away from the rush. It provides an eco friendly destination for a boost of health and beautiful ecosystem for your family which is at a distance from pollution and dust. While society is at a place which is not liking other dwelling societies located at Islamabad for example Bahria town and DHA but its regular setting and also the conveniences are still certainly exactly of same level and type.

5. Infinite Commercial chances:

You are able to be sure of this infinite chances of commercial chances within this particular society thus which makes it one of a sort home job in the region. The diverse industrial paths, higher increase stores, entertainment clubs can ensure adequate jobs and financial ventures in today’s society.

6. Maximum Return Invest:

The costs offered in modern society during present today time reached at their cheapest almost same as pre-launching time of these own society, and that tends to make it an ideal moment to invest in modern society. Subsequent to the state launch and extra advancement, the rates and premiums will surely grow and provide the traders a fantastic return on investment decision.

7. Sense of Belonging:

It provides a feel of owned by its occupants having its up scale facilities and advanced infrastructure, and this society is still a grab and worth purchasing. The society won’t only boost the wellbeing however may likewise win your hearts together with their advanced services and tactical improvement.

BWC Tourism Destination

Islamabad famous for its natural beauty and greenery is providing another tourist spot and as a result, is transforming the industry of tourism in Islamabad. Developed near International Airport Islamabad and Chakri Road, BWC is a hub of tourism. BWC is planning to build the biggest Water Park in Pakistan. Moreover, BWC Islamabad has also initiated the construction of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica demonstrating Islamic architecture and calligraphy. To provide the citizens of Islamabad the place to play, BWC is building a stadium meant for different sporting activities like cricket, football and hockey. As a whole, we can say that this new housing project can be a game-changer for the tourism industry of Pakistan.

Important News about Ertugrul Ghazi star Engin Altan Duzyatan and Blue World City

Turkish play Ertugrul Ghazi celebrity Engin Altan Duzyatan has allegedly cancelled his agreement since fresh brand ambassador with Blue world City. The internal resources have shown that Turkish convention has advised Engin Altan Duzyatan regarding Pakistani media reports that certainly said that Blue world-city is prohibited, and Rawalpindi Development Authority has obtained legal actions against the metropolis.

Resources maintained that Turkish stat Engin Altan Duzyatan has instantly cancelled agreement with all Blue world-city after seeing reports. He viewed he was not informed about the prohibited status of city after which agreement filmed. It had been worth cited that home society’s Chairperson had shared the news headlines on societal media marketing together side an image of them registering up the contract.

In addition, he shared an image of Duzyatan’s passport. Social networking has been abuzz with news which Duzyatan is likely to be seeing Pakistan so on. Sources demonstrated that Blue world-city administration smartly strove to cash the exact specific situation since Engin Altan Duzyatan popular in Pakistan, but their plan failed after reality revealed concerning world City.

Currently Blue World-city is confronting allegation It supposedly with the name of Engin Altan Duzyatan for sale plots. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has additionally submitted application contrary to Blue world City at police channel Chontra.

But it is also true that  Blue World City is just one of Pakistan’s mega Housing jobs, for that all legal conditions are met along with the application to get your last NOC by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is currently in process. Development continues to be undertaken in accord with the guidelines of this High Court, and also the direction is convinced the job provides all of the amenities and facilities of a world-class residential job, says that a media release.


Many reporters highlighted that the Provider reserves the Directly to consider legal actions against people who are misusing the titles of both government organizations and bodies and spreading rumours to hurt Blue World City’s standing.

Reports added that the Provider’s cheap housing Job, targeted at fulfilling a standard Pakistani’s fantasy of having a home, has Generated dread among competitors that are actually spreading false info concerning Blue World City.

But, based on research, quite shortly Blue World-city will Confirm the issuance of a NOC in its own favor and consider the essential measures to Accelerate the job in advance. Blue World City has, Alhamdulillah, started the low cost home job from Lahore, after issuance of a NOC, and can likely Launching the job in Rawalpindi.

Blue World City offers a great deal in currents pandemic satiation for Pakistan

Blue World City Islamabad Provided a dip in its own payment. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khan had announced a relief package in the case of Corona Virus around the world every country has announced reliefs in taxation for its construction industry and a fantastic deal of societies are currently working to give relief. Blue world has also announced its decrease deal for individuals who can book plots within special block with the gloomy world housing strategy.

Adhering for the Wonderful initiative, the Blue globe has additionally Announced its decrease deal for men and women that are able to book plots inside an global cube with the blue world. The over seas block is now being supplied on discounted prices and this discount offer will probably fit the investment in the international block because you can avail two sorts of discounts at the specific same moment.

Coming towards the Current discount provide these individuals who will Book plots in the block can avail a discount of just two monthly payments. The bargain is legitimate till we remove this current scenario caused due to coronavirus. Consequently, It is high time to get a location within a global Block of the Blue world Islamabad.


The Housing culture of Blue World City will be the state of art of contemporary Chinese design. Designers, developers and constructers may additionally utilize Chinese development proficiency and hi-tech machines. This Housing society may possess eye grabbing advancement.

Developers will guarantee upkeep of international standards of dwelling Along with lavish and fabulous life style for those residents.

Blue World City Will be Superb opportunity for investment and small business tasks too due to the geographic location and connect with CPEC Route. Therefore do not miss this ideal chance for investing.

Master planned area, the numerous up to Date industrial Paths, education hubs and several different services will make Blue world-city that a Gold chance for living.

Though Blue World city is Very Likely to take Significant decades to Get completely grown, however it absolutely goes to be a innovator home society at the making. Besides introducing industrial and residential opportunities the society may even be certain the global standards of living and also provide a safe setting for the occupants.

At the specified moment skyMarketing say that It is the Perfect opportunity for those who possess Surprisingly minimal income to pay and earn profit over the coming few up coming decades. With the particular accelerated evolution of the project, It is going to introduce Its share holders a 100% profit following its official improvement.

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