Different ways to use Tension Fabric Display

In the industry of trade shows, there is a huge demand for tension fabric displays. These are lightweight, affordable, and especially customizable, those fascinating presentations are the best way to make any show booth look different from the crows and that too in a cost-effective way.  Does not matter which size you are using, it will always give a high-quality design that makes your booth stand out of the crows. You can opt for any size like a small one that is of 10 X 20 size or a large custom modular exhibit. With the help of this tension fabric display, you can make a strong impact on the attendees of the trade show.

Read this article to find different ways to use them in your upcoming trade show or any other corporate event.

  • Impress your Trade Show Attendees

There are a lot of benefits that a tension fabric display offers to the trade show industry. To create a larger impact on your customers and surely leverage this attention-grabbing display, get creative!

Opt for a curved tension fabric

A lot of people still stick to traditional straight tension fabric displays. But nowadays tension fabric is available in different designs, this includes :

  • Straight
  • Curved
  • Serpentine
  • Vertical curved

The layout aesthetic you pick relies upon the precise appearance you and your designer of trade show want it to look.

With the help of curved tension fabric displays, you can add an additional drama and give it a unique look. To further enhance the look of the display we recommend you use LED lighting in it that grabs more audience. It’s an easy way to feature intrigue to a smaller show-off and seize your target market’s interest.

  • Try something new than a simple backdrop

You do not need to bind the Tension fabric to just a single wall of your space. Instead, you can use them as tabletop displays and if you are having a small booth then a banner works well. Along with this, dramatic towers and fabric tunnels are something that is grabbing the attention of lots of audiences. You can also choose the side walls or hanging signs for your larger exhibits.

In fact, using tension fabric in the form of hanging it in the wall is a key to make sure your booth is visible from throughout the alternate display floor. To try this in a massive manner, you may create a massive tension fabric display with custom-lights-coated TVs that can add a touch of visual drama in your display booth.

  • Use different accessories for a more better look

The simple way to enhance the impact of trade show display is by adding the trade show accessories. You can consider the below things that can be added to your tension fabric displays.

  • Headers
  • Side fines
  • Pedestals
  • Tablet mounts
  • Monitors and many more

Ideally, the material you are using in a trade show display ought to reel in attendees with a short, easy message. Then your tech add-ons keep them busy for a long time.

For example, your show highlights the advantages of your product. You can make use of different lighting to show a pathway to a monitor to your attendees, that monitor will show some useful details about your product like how it works, where people can use it, its affordability and durability, etc.

  • Make use of lights that compliments your display

As we already discussed, lights can provide a unique look to your show. To enhance the look of your display you need to make the use of lightings in a strategic manner. This will also add extra drama to your show. You will get different options in the lights also like LED backlights, boxes light, programming lights, etc. If you really want to grab your audience’s attention then you need to do some work to identify all the options as there are endless options for you.

  • Try different types of fabrics

You might not be aware of this but all tension fabrics are not the same. According to the usability each has some unique specifications like some are heavy and used specifically to stop extra lights, mainly while hanging banners are suspended from truss systems. There are some other fabrics that are transparent. The use of thin, gauzy material diffuses mild, permitting photographs to seem and disappear.

Working in a small area? If yes, then using light-shade and semi-transparent tension fabrics is best for you, this will give your trade show a larger look. Also, you can add dynamic lighting and which has the option of color change, this will grab your audience’s attention no matter if the space is small.  

If you are working with a larger space, then you should use fabric that gives a more intimate feel of a closed space. This will keep your brand front-centered and give an immersive experience to your audience.

Make sure you are using a fabric that matches the design of your brand. This will increase your trade show return on investment and make a larger appeal to your audience.

  • Benefits of Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabrics are long-lasting, they are flame-resistant, and extraordinarily colorful because they undergo the dye-sublimation process.

It has almost been a decade since they were introduced and brought in the market. The process of dye-sublimation includes making use of excessive warmth, heat, and strain to switch a digital hue picture onto a knit polyester material. Once the dye cools down, the picture is completely submerged into the material and it does not fade easily. The end result is vibrant, fascinating, and appears wonderful while artfully stretched to suit your aluminum frame exhibit.

An attractive layout isn’t the only most effective advantage of tension fabric display for your sales booth. Here are some additional benefits to the use of them at different display events and trade shows:

●       The cost of shipping is reduced a lot.

  • They are very easy to assemble and dismantle, therefore, save a lot of time.
  • No extra manpower required to set it up, there, save money.
  • The material and image are wrinkle-free and flame resistant.
  • A big highlight to your trade show, exhibition, or any other event.
  • You get a good return on investment.

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