You Know What Would Be Great? A ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ Reunion Special

There have been a few TV shows recently that returned for specials or for short runs. Mad About You and Will & Grace came back. There was a one-off Parks and Recreation special and a 30 Rock special that was an ad for Peacock. Nostalgia is powerful. People love to see their favorite characters back in their lives. This got me thinking of what show I would like to see return, and weirdly the first thing that popped to mind is 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Now, I write about this show to an unusual amount for 2020, so maybe it’s not too weird. However, of all the shows to want to return, why 3rd Rock? To be clear, I’m envisioning this as a one-off special. Let’s face it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t likely to return, even for one season of the show. Then again, his movie career isn’t what it was once. That being said, I think it would work best as a special. All the key players are still around and available. I bet John Lithgow would be up for it. French Stewart and Kristen Johnson have sort of fallen from the spotlight but they are still working actors. Even Jane Curtin and Wayne Knight can pop in. Hell, William Shatner could even make an appearance as the Big Giant Head.

The premise for a special seems obvious to me. In the 3rd Rock series finale (spoiler alert) the Solomons all head back to their home planet. In the official ending, they leave Mary Albright behind with no memory of what happened (in an alarming alternate ending Dick abducts her back to his home planet). A special could see the Solomons returning to Earth for a quick mission. Maybe to tie up some loose ends. Maybe they accidentally left something behind. However, it’s years later now. How would the Solomons react to a world of cell phones and video chat? What would they think of electric cars? Harry on a dating app? Sign me up.

I think an hour-long 3rd Rock from the Sun special would be a lot of fun and not overstay its welcome. It’s the perfect premise for a show to be brought back years later for a special event. Honestly, I just really want to see Lithgow hamming it up in Dick Solomon role again. I want to see Sally and Don’s chemistry. Of course, there is no talk of this happening, but a man can dream.

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