Leonardo DiCaprio – The Lads Best Actor of All Time

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Lads Best Actor of All Time

When it comes to choosing the top 5 actors since the turn of the millennium you probably have your own list in mind. After all, we are all individuals and we know what we like best. However, when it comes to awards and popularity, luckily there are lists out that collate these actor’s talents to give us an idea of who people enjoy seeing on the big screen the most.

In this article we look at ‘lads’ – a popular English term for a confident manly male with an ego – and how their respect for Leonardo DiCaprio was born over the years.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the number one rated actor of the millennium, and we can confidently say this because one site that always gives us realistic insights into actors, movies, and series as well as the popularity of each is IMDb. A site where right now Leonardo DiCaprio sits in the number one spot for ‘Top 5 Actors of 2000s’.

Leo Deserves the Adoration Of Men With Egos!

This guy deserves every moment he has in the spotlight because he has shown diversity of characters, and he has also proven to the doubters that he is in fact a serious actor.

For many of us, there was never any doubt whether Leo was a serious actor, neither was there any doubt for most people in the movie industry. Yet, his good looks meant plenty of ‘lads’ had it in for the guy they now swear allegiance with when it comes to acting.

Where does this all come from? Well, in the past, despite his excellent performances, most guys said Leo is just a pretty boy actor.

Well – how he proved them all wrong and moreover turned them into avid fans!

Later down the line, after his pretty boy era, Leo won the hearts of those that were once ‘haters’. Today, even the hardened ‘lads’ that once saw Leo as nothing, but a pretty boy actor swear by his talent with many of them going as far to say he is their favourite actor.

It’s quite funny because those once ‘haters’ and now ‘fans’ always seem to skip past Titanic or Romeo and Juliet when recalling their favourite actor’s movies. Now it always begins with Basket Diaries and moves straight to Blood Diamond before diverting back to Catch Me If You Can, Inception, Django Unchained, The Departed, Gangs of New York, and who can forget The Beach.

Although ‘The Beach’ did not do Leo much favours amongst the ‘lads’ fanbase he did capture the hearts and minds of millions of people that wanted to travel to exotic places like Thailand to experience the world.

Don’s Plum was Ok but in the Gangs of New York he began changing minds, then Catch Me If You Can made him likeable but it really wasn’t until The Departed and then Blood Diamond did Leo suddenly become a lads firm favourite.

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