How Much Does It Cost to Open a MedSpa?

Keeping oneself pampered and well-cared-for is a must. The idea of being able to have your every need catered to, physically and mentally, is a must in today’s world where stress comes at us from a variety of areas.

Self-care comes in a variety of forms. For some, this may mean taking the day off to take a long walk, whereas others may enjoy sitting back at the house and watching a movie, playing a video game, or reading a book.

Another way to indulge is to go to a spa. Spas are places where being pampered and unwinding come first and foremost on the menu. Need a massage? Head to a spa. Want to enjoy the relaxing environment of a steam room? Head to a spa. How about taking the time to have clay or herbal body masks applied? Head to a spa.

At the basic level, spas are locations where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) can be used to give medicinal baths. The aforementioned spas can include towns and resorts which typically offer various health treatments. A subset for spas of this type is a MedSpa. MedSpas (short for medical spa) provide cosmetic medical services in addition to the normal traditional spa amenities listed above. Medical spas are able to treat and help a variety of problems. These include conditions such as acne, cellulite, or even sun damage.

For entrepreneurs, medical spas can be a good choice in terms of a possible business venture, especially since COVID-19 has boosted the popularity of plastic surgery and other minor procedures. You might find someone who wants a tattoo removal (via quality used medical lasers), wrinkle reduction, laser hair removal, the removal of vascular lesions, or some form of cosmetic surgery. No matter the procedure, people are looking to have these procedures done for a variety of reasons. Opening such a location could be extremely successful for an enterprising business person. The question arises though, how much does it cost to open a business such as this?

The first thing that a person should realize is that you need a large amount of capital upfront to open up a standalone business, or even a franchise of med spas. As a result of needing a large amount of money, most med spa businesses often find it takes a while to make money. Some places suggest having at least $300,000 saved, but a common range for start-up costs for a med spa could be anywhere between $700,000 to $1,000,000.

For physicians seeking to open a med spa, it has to be treated as a small business venture, and the turnaround time for the business to be truly profitable would be three years. When looking at the costs for opening a med spa a person has to consider these factors: construction costs, leasing amounts, staffing, equipment and supplies, and liquidity or cash flow.

Focusing on the differences between spas and MedSpas is that these places are run by physicians. Being a licensed medical professional allows these doctors to be able to run a normal spa experience, in addition to providing such medical treatments as laser hair removal, vein treatment, laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, and cool sculpting. Unlike many other spas, med spas have the medical equipment on hand to allow for such processes to take place. The great thing about such places is a person gets the experience of going to a relaxing spa while undergoing non-surgical cosmetic changes with a trained professional. In most instances, the procedures only take an hour, and the recovery time is limited.

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