Damii The Dyme A Versatile Entertainer And Influencer

Fredra Cole, popularly known as Damii The Dyme, is a versatile entertainer who is earning her name in many fields of entertainment. She is a hip hop artist, a model, and an entrepreneur.  With her brilliant skills and talent, she has impressed everyone and earned a great name and popularity. With all her efforts, she has become a big brand now.  

A little Background

Fredra, also formally known as Damiineek, was born in Roanoke Virginia (star city), the mother of states. In 2014, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to outshine her career and still live there. She graduated from NSU where she received her bachelor’s degree in computer science. During that period, she excelled in her skills and got trained to become a successful entertainer and entrepreneur of the world.

Side Business

Damii is not just an entertainer but also A successful business owner of multiple businesses. Damii actually owns three businesses named as: Damii the Dyme Distribution and Publication, Dyme Smiles, and Face of a Dyme. It clearly shows that she is an independent and strong woman with a net worth of two million dollars for the year 2020. She has earned and gained the pecuniary liberty. 

Work and Social Areas of Damii

Damii has not limited her skills and work nor she has limited her social places. Many great clubs, private parties, movies, short films, music videos are demanding her and she likes to work in all these fields. Her biggest agency Damii the Dyme Distribution and Publication is fetching vigorous power of entertainment for her fans and followers. 

In her fans, she is also popular as a black Diva as she has this great passionate positive energy and has not failed and disappointed them. When asked how she gains such positivity, she said that she did not care about judgement from other people anymore and became strong enough to overcome it. It also helped her to focus on her work. Due to her focus, determination and passion for work in music, modeling and A successful business owner, she is becoming more successful and popular day by day.

Huge successes of Damii

With all the professional efforts and experience she is finally getting the paybacks she deserved. It started in 2019. Damii was featured on the cover of many magazines e.g., Black Diva magazine issue #7, Thick magazine issue # 18 and Straight Stuntin magazine issue #57. Moreover she recently released her first song “Bag” on all music platforms which has great streaming numbers for a first song release. It is also available on YouTube.

Damii has proven to the world that any woman can become whatever he wants to become. They do not have to depend on anyone, instead can help others. If you want to get more updates on her, follow her at Instagram herehttps://www.instagram.com/damiithedyme/ .You can also go to her Hubzter profile and check out her new work there. Link is below. https://hubzter.com/profile/Damiithedyme/ .

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