Question Of The Week: Go-To Time Killing Show

Something happened the other day. Not anything big or important. In fact, quite the opposite. I had like a half hour or so to kill and needed something to watch. This was before I had found the new show I’m bingeing, so I was literally just looking to put something on. Are you decisive in these moments? It turns out I’m not. When I don’t have something I am specifically watching I flounder around a bit. I had to find a streaming service first, and I settled on Netflix. Then, I couldn’t settle on a movie or a TV show. I thought about watching Nailed It!, which I do watch in a pinch, but decided against it because it’s kind of weird to rewatch since it is a competition show. I love Parks and Recreation, but then I have to decide on which episode to watch, which is a whole thing. Inexplicably, I ended up watching the first bit of the movie A Futile and Stupid Gesture, the film about Doug Kenney and National Lampoon starring Will Forte. It’s a good movie, but why did I end up rewatching that? After like 10 minutes of scrolling?

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That brings me to my question. Do you have a go-to show when you just need to kill a little time? Like a half hour or hour at most? You aren’t bingeing anything or watching a show that you are turning to in your down time. I’m talking about a show that, when you need something to do, it’s the show you watch? Clearly, I don’t have one. I wish I did. For a minute it was 30 Rock, and before that Frasier. Now, though, I have nothing, and I end up watching 30 minutes of a reasonably-good movie that I didn’t even come close to finishing. Hey, maybe your answer will give me an idea.

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