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Is Homework Really Helpful?

In recent years many parents and researchers are debating about homework and its importance. Some people are encouraging the complete elimination of the task from the academic system. While on the other hand, many parents and researchers have demonstrated that the right type and limited amount of reading could help students pass standardized tests and interviews academically.

What are the cons of the homework?

  • Over the last few years, the load of homework has been increased drastically. Students are getting busy at school and even more engaged in their homes. This is decreasing their interaction with parents and other family members. 
  • Many students make timetables and schedules to use their time more efficiently; however, due to pressure and a limited amount of time, they have to sacrifice their sleeping time and pull all-nighters. This lack of sleep not only hurts students academically; it also ruins their health eventually. 
  • Continuous pressure and unmonitored workload affect the physical as well as mental wellbeing of students. To meet deadlines, students burn the midnight oil. In the end, this kind of routine leaves them stressed and demotivated. They lose their interest and passion for studies and stop responding to any warning or help. 
  • With the advancement of the education system, the load of homework has also increased. Due to this, children have to complete multiple tasks in a limited amount of time. Similarly, teachers have to check and mark various assignments in a brief span. This is leading to a low quality of education as this kind of homework is useless.

Can homework be fun?

A continuous load of homework in a limited amount of time is stressing and exhausting for children and parents. This kind of stress and routine leave the child demotivated. Parents also lose interest in their child’s academic matters.

However, this problem can be overcome as homework can be made fun for both parents and children. If parents can overcome the dreads regarding homework then chances are very bright that their child/children will be successful academically. Moreover, it will become easy for parents to involve themselves in the academic activities of their children. This will increase child-parent interactions and affect the whole system positively. The following are some tips to make homework fun:

  1. Set-up a formal study room and help your children to write their homework.
  2. You can use Infographics to make the learning fun for your children. It is an incredibly beneficial tool for a child’s learning because it breaks complex information into multiple graphical components, which are very easy to interest and boost children’s interest at the same time.  
  3. Try to use learning apps or videos from the internet as visuals help a great deal in learning. For instance you can check out lido learning
  4. Try to invite a child’s friends for group studies. In this way, the child will enjoy studying.
  5. Promise some gifts to children to speed up their progress
  6. Don’t be harsh if children make any mistakes while doing their homework

The right type and limited amount of homework can help students to pass standardized tests andinterviews academically. Reading plays a huge role in developing a sense of responsibility in children. They try to complete it in the best possible manner, for good grades and appreciation in the class. In this way, they learn to take their matters and responsibilities seriously.


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