“Follow your dream.” As kids, as adults, in fact, as humans in general, we have heard the quote so many times that now it has become cliched, and people have stopped believing it. From when an individual is very young, there are a lot of things that he is taught. For example, how he should eat to how he should dress, where and what to study, along with many others.

But the one thing that is instilled in a person’s heart without any pressure from anyone else is a path that they believe they were born to follow, which is, their dream. And regardless of how many times a person has been guided to pursue their dream, not everyone is able to do so.

Part of the reason why people astray from their dream is because they are unable to identify where their passion lies. The other half of the population doesn’t pursue their dream because they are not brave enough to conquer their fears, while the rest of the world forgets that nothing good in life comes easy and there is quite a lot of hard work required to achieve a dream.

Fulfilling all three conditions and on the path of success, the name of Alberto Fabbretti shines bright among those who are passionate, courageous and determined. This young Italian boy not only recognized his dream at a very young age but also had to courage to work hard and turn it to reality.

Alberto Fabbretti opened his eyes in Latisana, a town in Italy, on November 28, 1998. However, he was brought up in a supportive and loving family in Verona, the city famous for the setting of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Growing up under such influence compelled the kid to see what acting was really all about. Little did he know that he had already begun admiring the art of acting.

As Alberto turned 18, he had acquired a diploma in Applied Sciences from Liceo Cotta, a high school in Legnago. This was when he began realizing that his dream was far from science. Alberto knew that his love for acting was more than anything else, and he was ready to do whatever it took to make his dream come true.

Alberto got enrolled at Teatro Stabile in Verona to start learning about acting. He also got himself admitted in a television broadcasting academy, Radiotelevisiva in Rome. Alberto dedicated countless hours and gave his utmost to learn and eventually improve his skills. Due to his efforts, he was offered an opportunity to witness live RAI programs at the studios of Saxa Rubra.

The time Alberto spent at the academy helped him learn a great deal of stuff. Besides developing an understanding of how the world of acting worked, he also got time to practice and polish the skill set he possessed. This was also when Alberto realized that to create a name in the industry, he had to step out of his comfort zone.

Alberto’s next step was moving to New York when he was just 20. The very next month, he joined the Susan Batson Studio acting school, following the full-year acting program for international students.

Not only did Alberto spend time learning the industry, but he also studied the roles and identified characteristics required to attain success in the industry. Alberto also worked hard on expanding the horizon of his skills, which proved to be quite helpful for the young actor.

Alberto’s dedication was not in vain.  The industry started to notice him and in few months he booked his first lead roles in three music videos, by the American rapper BKnott, including Captain Cap. Alberto was also featured in the music video of Addicted, by Director Project Red. Alberto’s appearance in these four major music productions opened him the doors to other larger roles, including a supporting role for John Reitzel’s Dream No. 37091 in May 2019. He also made his appearance in Robert Walker’s Sketchy Tales of the Black Doodler.

In October, Alberto was featured in Allan Hayhurt’s SMASH. He also made his appearances in Mise-En-Scene, Enemy of Reality, Anything for You, and DATING. Alberto’s iconic appearances also include his role in the Pilot episode of Brooklyn Vans. The following month, even the fashion industry started to notice Alberto’s sudden success in the industry.  At the end of 2019, Alberto was picked to appear as a model in the New York Fashion Week at the Roosevelt Hotel parading for Global Feature Design (GDF).

If 2019 was a great year for Alberto, 2020 is definitely the year where he has confirmed his talent.  Despite the crisis in the industry due to the current situation,, Alberto Fabbretti managed to make several appearances on important productions. He was cast as the lead in two films, Daytime Dreams and Without Escape. He also made his second appearance as a model in February at the Infinite Exposure Show for the Tokyo Twiggy brand.

The successful actor also released a short film on March 4, 36 Hours in New York. Besides being the writer and director of the 12-minute film, Alberto is also the lead actor in the film. The story revolves around two young girls. As per the director’s own words, “The story stars two young girls, Alexis and Julia, two adults’ friends, ex-criminals who, as soon as they come out of prison, find themselves facing the difficulties of the life outside the bars.”

The short film gained a significant amount of attention from across the world. Moreover, the film has been sent to more than one hundred festivals across the US and Europe. 36 hours in New York is also a part of an Official Selection at New Filmmakers NY, Chelsea Film Festival in New York, at Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, and Lift-Off Global Sessions in the United States. The film is a finalist at the Prague International Monthly Film Festival in the Czech Republic and the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival in Slovakia.

As of today, Alberto Fabretti is working on marking his debut as a solo performer with his show, Stellan. The story of the show is based on the youth of the Swedish actor and is scheduled for release between May and June 2021.

Alberto is also a part of East of Denver, a project of H over walking Y Productions. He is also set to feature in several commercials as well.  Rumors are that in 2021 he will also participate at other important productions, including Erased, by Lopes Brothers Production and Writer’s Room, by Koman Filmworks.

Today, Alberto is considered one of the most successful young Italian actors in the business, and Italian media are already referring to him as “that young guy from Legnano who as achieved the American dream”.  Alberto’s life unfolds events of an aspiring human who dreamed of doing something great in his life, and he did, by being bold and working hard.  

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