Adding Value to your home with Bay Windows

Bay windows have forever been associated with luxury and indulgence because of they make a stylish addition to any space. There is undoubtedly an aspect of curb appeal to be considered. However there are some advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before making a decision about whether or not to add a bay window to your home. Any modification in the windows should not be taken lightly as you not only have to consider the cost of new windows, you also have to think about whether they are energy efficient, and how they will affect the curb appeal of your property.

Advantages of Bay Windows

In addition to the obvious increase in charm and style of a home with the addition of a bay window, there are many other advantages to consider.

 Natural light – More windows will obviously let in more natural light. Bay windows multiply that by three! Because bay windows allow for light to flow in at three different angles, they can brighten a room almost all day long.

More storage and Seating – Bay windows can provide additional space within a room for additional storage and seating. Bay window seating can be built on top of storage units, improving both aesthetic and functionality.

Increase in real estate value – Bay windows have an architectural aspect that sets them apart from standard flat paned windows. They can add a layer of style that adds value and desirability to a property. Bay Windows jut out of the room increasing square footage which always hikes up market value.

Improved ventilation – If you opt for Bay windows that can open, it will allow fresh air to enter your space. You may opt for one, two, or even all three panes of the bay window to be operable, allowing you to catch the breeze from multiple directions.

Disadvantages of Bay Windows

As with all things, there are some disadvantages to consider about bay windows as well. Since they are built very differently from standard stock windows, they come with their own little quirks. Before you decide on installing Bay windows, you must consider the following aspects:

Solar gain – While all that extra natural light is definitely a plus, the flipside of that coin is all the solar heat gain that comes with it. Obviously with all that sun, you will get a considerable increase in how warm your room gets. While this may be a boon in colder climates, upgrading to high efficiency insulated glass can remedy the problem for warm climates.

Problems caused by poor installation – Bay windows are prone to develop some common issues if not installed properly. Bay window structural problems happen because they are load bearing structures and may cause cracking in the walls and other issues if the foundations shift or settle. That’s why installation should be done by professionals.

Personally, I feel that the disadvantages of a bay window are outweighed greatly by the advantages. The aesthetic appeal alone is a huge factor. By increasing your home’s market value, more sunlight and ventilation, bay windows can add value to your home. As long as you have it installed professionally to mitigate the chances of future problems, a bay window can increase not only the value, but also the style, curb appeal, and joy of your property.

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