How to create Instagram captions

How do I go from 0 to 1000 Instagram followers in 7 days?

Before you start to build your account, you need to determine the positioning of your account. It is essential, defining your audience, the difficulty of acquiring fans, and continuously updating. Here I do not recommend that you operate a personal account, which refers to a store that shares your own life without a specific theme. You might say that many of Instagram’s big Vs. Are not personal accounts? They can get more than 10,000 likes by taking pictures of their daily lives. The question arises that from where to buy Instagram followers? And also how to buy followers on Instagram

It is also important how to buy followers on Instagram?

It is easy and safe to buy IG followers through followerspromotion. it does not require important information such as passwords, etc. We will not ask you to fill out any form or write a lot. Using the services of SK followers pro, you can buy Instagram followers quickly and easily.

  • You, Will, see two boxes; you must first write the name of your Instagram profile.
  • Then write the number of followers required for this profile in the second box.
  • I can check the delivery time plan and price of the trailers.
  • Then click “Buy now” or “Add to cart” to complete the process.

Remember, when buying Instagram followers, your profile should be public. If your personal information is private, it will encourage you to make your followers available. Then you can make it hidden again if necessary. You can also buy genuine disciples who are hardworking than non-fake followers.

Introduction and startup content

After clarifying the account’s positioning, the next step is to establish an attractive profile for your account. The face must be able to tell users who come to this page: What is your subject? What value can you bring to your followers?

Only when the user knows what value you can bring to him can he follow you willingly.

Growth strategy

If you do as described above, you already have a clear, concise, and content-rich homepage, and you can start our growth engine at this time.


F4F (Follow for Follow) is still the best cold start strategy in 2020. But the F4F here is not merely a wide-spread F4F. This rudimentary F4F strategy is not only extremely inefficient but also harmful to the long-term development of the account. The F4F mentioned here is a targeted F4F strategy that is strongly related to the account theme.

Two, cater to algorithms and platform functions

After the launch of new features on Instagram, there will always be skewed traffic for new features. For example, after the launch of IGTV and video features, the video will ever occupy the top four spaces on the discovery page. In contrast, stock photos can only occupy one room. Which means that if you post more videos, you have more exposure possibilities?

Interaction to maintain fan stickiness and increase engagement rate

The engagement rate can be understood as an activity, an essential indicator of Instagram’s recommended content.

  • To improve the activity and interaction of fans, we can do the following
  • The copywriting of the post is carefully designed and has a story.
  • Reply to comments from like fans

Ask questions in the copy of the post, or divide the picture into two parts and let fans vote.

 Remember to post Story

The Story is a core feature of Instagram after the revision, and we need to use it a lot. For accounts that post Story, there will be a yellow circle around the avatar within 24 hours. Don’t underestimate this yellow circle. For ordinary users, seeing an account with a yellow process means active within 24 hours. 

Obtain natural growth

We have worked hard to obtain seed fans with various strategies; the purpose is to achieve a natural development of accounts after a certain number of fans (about 3k-4k).

If you use the methods recommended above to get high-quality fans and a high degree of participation, then when you have 1,000 followers, you can post a post every day, and you can probably get 20-40 natural growth.

Buy segmented Instagram followers

It is challenging to buy segmented Instagram followers. Let us take an example. Suppose you purchased 200 followers. After using our service to increase the number of accounts, you will start to receive more requests from friends and family.

If you also accept the request, the same process will proceed further, so that this chain will continue to grow, resulting in a segmented growth of your business.


As you can see, it is straightforward. Will get followers within the waiting time. Once you have them, you can start expanding your account or business to new followers and increasing links.

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