The Snooor wearable – a revolutionary non-invasive affordable anti-snoring device for back snorers

Suffering from a snoring partner or have you often heard that you snore yourself? Then the Dutch medtech Side Sleep Technologies B.V. has the solution for you! 

About Snooor

The Snooor wearable is an excellent snoring treatment. It is a small non-invasive and affordable sleep position trainer that conditions the users to sleep on the side where the human tongue moves away from the side of the throat. In this way, the airways become clearer to breathe. You will either reduce or stop snoring entirely with the use of this device. 

Lightweight and small

Snoring what to do? This discreet and lightweight device is easy to use. Place it either on  your forehead or breastbone before going to sleep. Whenever you sleep on your back, your Snooor anti-snoring wearable will gently vibrate, prompting you (without waking you up) to move your body to the side and stop snoring.

So, while you’re sleeping:

You’ll benefit from improved breathing.

You may stop snoring or may snore less.

You’ll (finally!) enjoy restful nights for you AND your partner which leads to … a vastly improved life.

When you use the Snooor wearable consistently, you’ll begin to see results after about a week. You won’t even notice it much since it’s lightweight, compact, and non-invasive snoring remedy. Each morning, you can view your sleeping position progress by connecting with the free Snooor App. The App does not need to be connected via Bluetooth to your Snooor wearable during the night to receive sleep position data.

Snooor uses positional therapy to gently remind you to reposition your body so your airway is clear, you breathe more freely and the snoring stops or is substantially reduced.

Get rid of the snoring issues with the help of the Snooor wearable. It is easily available online at affordable rates of €49 or $59. It comes with a long-life battery and 32 disposable medical-grade Snooor stickers.

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