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Should You Be Buying Premium E-Juice or Regular E-Juice in 2020?

When you add the word “premium” to any product, you expect better quality and typically a higher price. It’s more difficult today for any consumer to buy a premium or regular e-juice due to the FDA’s ban on sampling e-juice at smoke shops. While there are no rules branding any vape juice as a premium product, a true premium product does differ in many ways to the cheaper, regular ejuice flavors on the market today.

A premium product like The Finest E-Liquid will provide you with better quality, and more flavorful, and cloud city, than any regular e-juice. But why would you buy a premium product over the regular e-juice? Let us find out.

Premium Vs. Regular E-Juice

A Consistent Taste: The deciding factor for any consumer would be how consistent the taste is for any ejuice. Premium products have a consistent taste, more full body taste, while the regular e-juice taste can vary from batch to batch and often be a hit or a miss. This superior taste experience is for what you pay extra.

The Recipes: Premium e-juice uses better quality ingredients, and typically have mixologists (chemists with the expertise in mixing vape flavors) who create recipes that are proprietary and hard to clone. The regular ejuice often has more basic or generic recipes. DIYers can replicate most of the regular e-juices, but premium ones are hard to copy. This makes premium e-juices more desirable.

Rare Flavors: You can find unique or complex flavors in premium brands like the Finest E-Liquid’s Tiramisu Custard, while regular e-juices have common simple more basic flavors. So users using premium e-juice have many different and invented vape flavor options to select for their vape experience.

Quality: The premium vape juices are produced in small batches where quality control is strictly adhered to and tested for. Regular Vapes are always mass-produced with less attention given on the quality of the product. Premium e-juice producers spend a lot of money to maintain the quality of their products.

Why Do I Pay More for Premium E-Juice?

It’s a fair question asked by any consumer, why pay a premium price for any product when a cheaper alternative is present? Any DIY vape juice expert can tell you that the primary ingredient in all e-juices is the same. They all have PG and VG, flavoring with an option for nicotine. 

Why any company would charge extra for any product unless they add some value to their e-juice. Value can be in terms of quality or unique ingredients that they add during their manufacturing process. The premium price charged by these companies can be due to the following reasons.

Manufacturing Premium E-Juice:  Premium e-juice companies use ISO certified labs to manufacture their e-juice. This certification is the standard measure for a world-class product with high quality and safety standards. Operating these labs adds to the overall price of their product, as does hiring a chemist that specializes in vape flavor creation.

Testing of Premium E-Juice: Premium e-juice brands typically use third-party testing services to assess their product. Regular e-juice manufacturers can’t use gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) methods to ensure quality control and traceability due to the high cost of these tests.

Special Ingredients: Most premium e-juice manufacturers use unique flavoring. These Flavors are created by professional chemists and are not available for retail sale in the market. This uniqueness in taste and flavors makes it a premium priced product but also the clearly desired products on the market today

How to Use Premium E-Juice?

The cost of premium e-juice has dropped in recent years. Most are available for less than a dollar per mL. Your total cost would depend on how much eliquid you use on a daily basis.

The best is mouth to lung vaping, in which you inhale and hold the smoke in your mouth to savor all the flavor, and then inhale it in your lungs, normally requiring a less vaping since all the flavor is first absorbed by your senses, and overall less vapor output is used for maximum flavors.

The more the vapor your device creates more ejuice the atomizer will consume. But if your usage is on the higher side, then you should expect to spend more money on any ejuice regular or premium. At the end of the day, it is all about the quality of the flavors you vape.

Should I Buy Premium E-Juice?

This question is very subjective to many. It would depend on the taste and experience you are looking for. The cost difference over the course of a month for the average vaper might be $5-$10, which really insignificant.

If you have the money to spare – who doesn’t have a few extra dollars a month? – and are looking for a the best overall experience, you should always go for the premium e-juice from a reputable brand.

While the premium quality e-juice provides unique flavors, finding the right flavor for you to keep on vaping day after day, is all up to your taste buds. The good thing is The Finest E-Liquid has something for everyone, with their premium offering of e-liquid for all taste palates, and a brand that has been around the industry and has quite the cult following.

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