Jennifer Zoga’s Childhood Experience Drove Her To Do Something More With Her Life To Help Others, So She Founded Dream Builders

Jennifer Zoga realized from a young age that many people lacked the role models they needed to achieve success. Her experience growing up in a difficult neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA taught her this. From those moments, she found her purpose in life of being a mentor and assistant to others who needed her guidance in life. 

“My mother crossed the border illegally with me when I was only a year old from Honduras to the USA. My mother wanted to meet my father who resided in Texas. We became legal citizens and moved to the East Coast. After my sister and my brother were born, we returned back to Honduras. I completed three years of elementary there and completely forgot how to speak English. In 1996, we returned to the USA, we moved back to Philadelphia where I experienced bullying, developed depression, and had to adapt to an entire lifestyle. Life in Philadelphia was extremely difficult due to living in one of the worst high crime rate hoods. I lived in fear due to the constant drive by shootings on our block and being chased twice with knives and scissors by my own brown community. However, growing up in that environment taught me that people need a role model to give them hope. For that reason I completed college and worked with underprivileged, underrepresented brown communities. I wanted to plant a seed of hope and let them know that together we could impact our communities positively,” Jennifer recounts.

In particular, Jennifer noticed a lack of support for women. They were vulnerable within the population and little was being done to help them, so she decided to change that. She founded her business, Dream Builders, in order to guide women through life at a low price so that they could achieve their own dreams.

“Dream Builders is a program where women have received group life coaching for an accessible price. During these sessions they gain knowledge, wisdom, and advice on how to overcome obstacles such as career uncertainty, relationship, personal challenges, and changing unhealthy habits. Furthermore, during these sessions women are encouraged, uplifted, motivated, and challenged to do things out of their comfort zone to break the cycle of unhappiness. What motivated me to launch this program was witnessing the lack of women support. In the last 7 years I have come across many women who simply needed a space to vent, be heard, and be uplifted,” Jennifer explains.

Jennifer is not afraid to be unique or different or expose her true self out there. This is how she has been able to help so many people. Her advice for those wishing to become successful is to not worry about being perfect, but rather just get out there and start doing it.

“For those of you who are considering starting your own business, do not allow perfection to get in your way. What held me back for a long time was fear, thinking that everything would go wrong, and waiting for everything to be perfect to launch my business. My advice to you is to apply the 5 second rule, do not allow your mind to generate excuses for you and just launch your business immediately. Go ahead, create that IG and Facebook business account and t You can cross your “t’s” as you go along meaning that you can fix your mistakes as you progress. In addition, it is important to expect and imagine positive results and believe that everything will go great! If you imagine negative results and expect for things to go wrong then you will continue to stay in the same situation, wondering what ifs. You have two choices, you can wonder ‘what if’ all of your life and die with regrets or you can launch your business right now as we speak and change your life forever! Pick your poison,” Jennifer advises.

To find out more about Jennifer, you can follow her on Instagram here. Check out her website here

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