Boobieblood, an artist of tomorrow

We often listen to this phrase that music has no boundaries, but it’s also a fact that very few people qualify for it. The world witnessed some of the best musicians and singers in the world in which Michael Jackson was one of the well-renowned singers. His devotion and passion for singing are still alive in people’s hearts, and his fans used to listen to some of his famous and record-breaking songs. The purpose is to quote the example here to admit that only hard work and continued struggle can make a person successful, luck is another factor, but it has the least importance.

Today, we are going to discuss a young artist who gets the chance to showcase his talent at a very young age. Let’s have a look.

Who is Boobieblood:

Most of the singers and other artists of recent times used to follow their name in which they got fame. Like Boobieblood, who belongs to Minneapolis and only close friends and family know his original name, the world recognizes him with Boobieblood. He loved music to start making music at an early age and was only 12 years old. Unlike other kids of his generation, he never spends a happy and secure childhood. He was sentenced to jail for three years because of the involvement of some illegal activities.

After completing his prison, he started thinking about his music career seriously. Now, music is the only thing that turns him back on the right track so, start working on it. His first release was a mixtape that was very helpful in setting his career.  

Latest work:

The people interested in listening to rap music, his ‘No Apologies,’ would be the best addition of your playlist. Moreover, if you want to visit the official website of Boobieblood, you can click on the Website, and for other social media platforms, you just need to follow these links:




His fan following is increasing day by day. Most of his fans don’t know where to find him, therefore, we already add links to his social media account handles.

Work and famous releases:

His continued hard work for

ten years makes him strong enough to deal with the rap realm’s giants. ‘No Apologies,’ currently release in 2020, is the proof of his quality work. 

He is a big fan of some of the big-name of the rap industry like:

  1. Dipset
  2. Biggie
  3. Jay-Z
  4. 2 pac

‘ITSBOOBIEBITCH’ was his first release back in 2012, and it was the turning point of his life, and after that, he never looks back. He has a great fan following on social media and Spotify; he has 20k staggering stream reaching, which is enormous. 

Today, he is working on his upcoming release and also did some collaboration with the famous artist. We are not going to disclose the names because it’s a surprise for the audience. So, guys follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify and get the instant notification of his latest updates. So, what are you waiting for?

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