TCB Trade – Innovative Online Trading Platform

TCB Trade is an exchange functioning in the financial trading fields. This platform has been introduced recently, therefore it has attracted millions of transactions on the daily

TCB Trade Exchange

To attain those impressive numbers, TCB Trade works with the modern technology to assist customers increase their return on the invested capital. It is the platform that allows you trade forex in the form of binary options, choose high or lower prices after a fixed period of 30 seconds

Specially also earn daily profit by join in staking program in cryptocurrency, equivalent to receiving monthly interest of 7 – 15%

Innovative Online Trading Platform

– AI Technology: Take advanced AI Technology, allowing automatic copying of orders from forex expert

– BIG Data Technology: Help store all transaction data of millions of user accounts

– ERC 20 Platform: All our transactions, all statistical reports will not be hacked and changed data because They store on a separate Blockchain Network

If a user is considering to trade on this platform today, then, TCB Trade is the right solution. Get following facilities here.

TCB Trade listed TCFX Token

In order to enjoy the best experience and to promote the solid progress of the exchange, TCB Trade has listed TCFXToken. TCFX tokens with a starting price of 0.1 $ at VinDAX 20/08/2020. With extremely strong growth potential, the future can be up to 100 $ – 500 $ / TCFX. Staking program is getting more attention, that allows investors to receive daily interest, equivalent to receiving monthly interest of 7 – 15%

 Total Supply is 50.000.000 TCFX allocated as follows.

  • Destroy and Lock coin 40%
  • Mining and Transaction 10%
  • Marketing 10%
  • Issuer team 20%
  • Development team 20%

With the goal of reaching 1 million users across the system by 2022 and comprehensive ecosystem development policies, TCB Trade will truly become a reliable, hottest trading platform trend in the coming years.

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