Potager Soap Company: A Leader In Handmade Soap Making

Potager Soap Company: A Leader In Handmade Soap Making

The demand for natural soap is soaring to new heights, and Potager Soap Company continues to adapt and deliver products that exceed expectations. Their products are more accessible than ever before, and they have done a tremendous job of keeping up with customer expectations. If you’re not familiar with the brand, you’ll be happy to know that Potager strives to make the most nourishing soap on the market. With that mission in mind, they have sourced the best natural and organic ingredients from outstanding fair-trade partners. Potager Soap is handmade in Concord, Massachusetts. Each bar is crafted with organic plant oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, rspo palm oil and shea butter. Organic essential oils and botanicals are also incorporated. Potager knows that great high quality-ingredients make all the difference.

What drives Potager

The Potager artisans are driven to create unique blends of organic oils to help nourish skin, and never use harsh chemicals. All certified organic ingredients can be traced back to origin, and customers appreciate the transparency in sourcing. Potager will not settle for less, which is why they don’t use artificial additives that dry-out skin. They are driven by strong family values and a desire to create products that are good for people, and the environment. As their family has grown so has their dedication to perfecting soap making with quality ingredients. They are driven to create products that are safe for babies and young children, and this is a major motivator for them. All scents are crafted from certified organic essential oils, which add aromatherapeutic qualities. Potager Soap Company unique formula of organic ingredients reflects the natural goodness and allure of the kitchen garden.

Why Potager doesn’t use harsh chemicals

The most discussed topic around commercial soap is that they incorporate the use of preservatives, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, and dangerous hardeners. Unlike commercial soap, Potager handmade soap is nourishing and clean. For example, the ingredients for their lavender soap reads as such: Our all-natural lavender soap is made with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic rspo palm oil, organic shea butter, *sodium hydroxide, organic essential oil of lavender, organic lavender buds, and organic rosemary extract to create a fragrant and soothing experience. Potager Soap  is designed to enhance skin, not damage it! The Potager Team creates customer-centric products, and have a relentless work ethic that is getting them noticed by national retailers.

Why Potager uses essential oils

Did we mention that Potager Soap is naturally fragrant? If you love the smell of fresh herbs and flowers, you will love these unique aromatic blends. The scents used are easily distinguishable from mass-produced commercial soap. The essential oils used in Potager Soap are loaded with antibacterial and anti-microbial properties? These certified organic oils are believed to help improve all types of skin conditions.

Potager soap is vegan!

Vegans can rejoice and rest assured that no animal products are used in Potager Soap. The ingredient list is clearly visible on the back of each bar.

Poatger does not test on animals

Potager is dedicated to creating safe and healthy products that are sustainable. Potager Soap is Cruelty-Free and never tested on animals.

Potager is women-owned

Potager Soap Company is a family-run, woman-owned, and multi-generational company that has been making soap for over 20 years. Potager became certified organic on March 12th, 2020! This is a company that knows how to grow with the times, and they continue to put their customers first.

If you’re interested in learning more about Potager and what they’re working on you should follow them on Instagram and Facebook for current happenings. You won’t be disappointed.


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