Advantages of Having an “Uber for Trucks”

As much as 18-wheeler trucks can be a pain on the road, they bring a sense of peace to businesses or entrepreneurs, and our continuously growing online shopping habit. The demand for truck drivers is increasing rapidly every day it’s clear that if companies make an app like uber-freight their businesses could run a lot smoother. They can meet the higher demand for deliveries. There are quite a few advantages to having Uber-like apps for trucks. Here we touch on a few.

Saves Company Costs

With trucking apps similar to Uber-freight, companies can save a great idea of money on shipping. When companies partner with other shipping companies to deliver products, they have to also pay for the driver, the distance that it needs to travel, and the type of shipment it costs. Not to mention any additional fees the shipping company may have for delivering your goods. With a tracking app, companies can lower shipping costs because they can get a sizeable truck based on what they need. Companies often have to buy a larger truck but only need half of the space. Also, by being able to select drivers without the interference of the middleman helps make sure the delivery is done faster and decreases the cost.

Logistics Made Simple

In the trucking business, the logistics side can be a lot more intricate and require a lot more eyes to keep the process ran smoothly. There has to be invoice management. Someone has to make sure the shipment is correct and is on the correct route. There is the dispatch personnel that keeps track of the trucks and routes that they are supposed to be on. Not to mention the administrative and human resource tasks. With an uber-freight like app businesses or shippers can see all of these things all on one location in the app. Drivers can view everything from their routes to their payment status all in one place. Businesses can request a driver and view the same things the driver sees as well. It saves time and keeps everything organized.

Creates Jobs

With uber-like trucking apps, shippers don’t have to go through large hiring corporations to find a driver that’s ready to work. Shippers can request a driver with all of the details of their needs right on the app. The truck driver can accept a shipping request on the same app and be able to see where the shipment is going, the weight of the shipment, the routes, and any additional information needed before accepting the job. They can even see how long the destination for the job can take. What makes it even more convenient is, if they want to pick up another shipment job as soon as they finish that one, they can immediately look for another one on the same app. It saves a great deal of time, and drivers would have control of their own scheduling. It makes it easier for both sides.

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