5 Forms of Online Entertainment That Will Continue to Grow

Over the year our reliance on the internet has never been more polarised. Everyone that has been through the latest ‘stay at home’ government campaigns had no choice other than to hook up to the internet in search of entertainment that helps to bypass hours of lost time. This has led to numerous market research projects to see which forms of entertainment were the most popular over the year and to be honest the results are hardly surprising.

Online Movies

Of course, online movies became the main online consumer. Sites such as Netflix saw their share price skyrocket as people that never subscribed decided it is a good time get a subscription. Also, torrents were amazingly popular over that time.

Then, of course, there are the free movie sites that are unlicensed which mostly because jammed up as their servers could not handle the massive loads of traffic put on them as everyone stuck at home tried to stream free movies.

Online Music

No surprise here either. Once watching movies and binge-watching series becomes worn on the brain people start to move over to music. Music sites were the second most visited while people were stuck at home. Sites such as Spotify saw their traffic counts skyrocket as people found the site to be incredibly useful for free music and eventually signing up for a paid subscription.

Other popular sites include SoundCloud and BitTorrent which was used to download MP3s and MP4s as well as other music files while the BitTorrent app was downloaded a record number of times as it can be used to stream torrent music.

E-Sports Online Gaming

Right now, Dota 2 still has not put on its yearly International Event that comes with huge prize pools. And at the time of writing this article, the prize pool for when it does eventually come on is closing in on $40 million. That’s ridiculous amounts of money and is directly due to people spending their money on the International Battle Pass.

Other E-Sports such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and many more all saw huge increases in traffic. Valve, which is the company behind Dota 2, had to make sure they added more servers because tones of Dota 2 fans had plenty of time on their hands to play the game which meant the servers were severely overloaded.

iGaming Online

The fourth most popular online gaming was real money iGaming such as video slot XO. In the sports niche, everything was dead with only virtual sports available for people to have a flutter on which in effect is iGaming because the outcome is decided by a computer algorithm. All those sports fans eager to risk their cash on games would then turn to games such as video slots and card games.

Many of the online bookies already have iGaming options as an add-on entertainment area on their website. This means people with memberships have always been able to access poker, slots, table games, live dealer tables, lotto, bingo, and scratch cards which became the sports fans way to let off steam while those iGaming websites.

Social Media

Realistically Social Media comes top of the list, but it is a little too obvious which is why we added to the bottom of the list. In terms of the longest blocks of time engaging in online entertainment, the 4 above-mentioned points would take up hours while social media was the in-between form of entertainment.

When a movie ends, an album has been listed to, a gaming session is over, or a few spins on a video slot game are over, then people would check their social media. Once social media has been thoroughly reviewed, people would then move back to their movies, music, or gaming.

The Future of Online Entertainment

For now, online entertainment is quite standard. However, in the past, we used to watch DVDs or listen to a CD music album, but now these are considered a form of online entertainment because we stream most both these. Also, games used to be played on consoles or PC but now even these are streamed online. This has become the norm, so what is the norm for the future?

Virtual reality seems to be the one thing that is going to change the way we interact with online entertainment. It could be that the early models for VR online entertainment will be a console with the VR experience built-in and if you need a new experience you download it. Then as VR begins to evolve, people will connect online as they do with MOBA games.

Other new developments in online entertainment will come via blockchain tech. There are tons of blockchain companies out there looking to get into all the above-mentioned online entertainment sectors. We will see more decentralised entertainment forms come forward as new laws govern cryptocurrencies paving the way for more ICOs in the future.

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