Unusual Furniture from Around the World

Let’s open our minds to unusual furniture creations from around the world.

Okay, brace yourselves and be ready to appreciate some cool and creative furniture design.

Let’s begin!


Story is a 3-in-1 sofa bed working station designed for apartments with limited space.

Story designer Fanny Adam designed the furniture to help urban dwellers overcome the challenges of living in a cramped space.

It looks like a regular sofa, but it also functions as a workstation, dining table, bed and storage. 

Story is a multifunctional sofa bed with an added tabletop on the headboard that can also function as a workstation or a dining table.

It also comes with drawers underneath for storage purposes and a few barstools where you can sit while working on the tabletop.

The Flap Table Luxury Gold Dining/Pool Table by Koralturk

The 7 ft flap table dining/pool table is the newest creation of Koralturk, a Turkish furniture maker.

It is a pool table disguised as a dining room table. The flap table comes in real gold leaf with an adjustable balancing system which guarantees perfect roll when you’re playing pool.

If you want to play a game of pool, all you need to do is uncover the flap table. 

This convertible furniture is also suitable for use in conference rooms, recreational room, boardroom and game room.

Hanging Canvas by Yoy Design Studio

Hanging furniture?

Are you kidding?

Canvas is two-dimensional hanging furniture made of high-quality wood, aluminium and elastic fabric to cover its volume.

It can be used as a chair if you lean it on the wall. It also comes in three variants which are hanging seats, love seats and sofa variations.

Adela Love Chair

The Adela is an elegant and artistic sex chair with footrests and handlebars designed for comfort, easy access and deep penetration.

The good thing is… you can have this chair customised depending on the level of comfort that you want to achieve.

As usual, it’s not always available in the market. So, if you think that this chair is the one for you, reserve yours now.

Here are other ideas for best sex chairs.

The Bowchair

It’s not just a chair; it’s a bouncing sex chair!

The bowchair is designed for women with sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor disorder during intercourse.

It comes with a rebounding carbon fibre leaf spring and elastic component that allows easy penetration, better support and comfort.

With the bowchair, you and your partner can try various positions. There are video tutorials online about 100’s of sex positions that you can achieve using the bowchair.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Chair Inside a Chair

A chair inside a chair?

Intriguing, isn’t it?

It is a sculptural looking chair with a modern and simple design. It hides another chair inside with a similar design and features.

With this furniture, you can maximise the space in your home and no need to worry for an extra chair if you have guests.

Coffee Bench

The coffee bench is a piece of extremely flexible furniture which can be used as a bench or table.

Beyond Standards, Poland-based designer created the coffee bench. It is inspired by the idea of having coffee in a garden without space for a cup or newspaper.

And that’s how the idea of coffee bench started. It is a movable bench and table which can be adjusted depending on your needs.

It can be made into varying lengths up to 3 meters and various materials which make it ideal for outdoor space. It also comes with a soft version which is best for indoor use.

Capstan Table

The capstan table is no ordinary living room furniture. It is a beautiful piece of furniture with smart design and engineering made by David Fletcher.

This unique round table can be expanded up to double its size without taking up too much space. It comes with expandable leaves which allows you to make the most of the area.

It also rotates in a 120-degree motion, providing twice its seating capacity. It can cover six people in its original shape and 12 when expanded.

Final Word

There you have it – the compilation of unusual furniture around the world!

If you have found other unique and interesting furniture, feel free to comment.

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