Technology trends have evolved since time immemorial. These trends are rapidly shifting gear faster than most of us can keep track of. IT professionals and other gurus and on a constant learning process to ensure they remain relevant. In most cases, it is often not out of desire but necessity.

Currently, remaining tech-savvy is imperative, and it applies for 2020 and beyond. For the sake of businesses, self-improvement, and whatnot, staying on top of technology trends is essential.

On that note, below are some of the trends in technology that have taken over the world by storm.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Since its emergence, artificial intelligence (AI) has affected our social and professional life. It has taken over tasks such as facial recognition and biometrics that enhance security. AI is instrumental in the automation of business processes and currently, one of the most popularly used technologies in online gaming.

For instance, AI is used in roulette to make game predictions in regards to the goals to be scored, among other things. Additionally, bookmarkers are majorly depending on AI for customer support, make payouts, catch gambling addictions, and for fraud prevention.

  • 5G Data Networks

The need for stable connections has led to the emergence of 5G data networks. As people continually move online in search of products and services, and to facilitate their day-to-day activities, they require faster downloads and upload speeds.

5G data networks were unveiled in 2019. However, at the time, it was limited to specific areas. They were also very expensive. Currently, it is available in a wide range of places due to its high demand. Companies find its increased bandwidth attractive due to its ability to transfer more data at super-fast speeds and its ability to facilitate the smooth running of machines and other robots.

  • Cybersecurity

People may be quick to rule off cybersecurity as a technology trend. As much as it has been around for the past couple of decades, it is continually evolving.

Online predators and hackers are constantly evolving. Take an example of the recent Twitter incident. Hackers intercepted celebrity accounts in a cryptocurrency scam, getting away with over $110,000 in the few minutes the tweets remained active.

It is for such reasons that cybersecurity continues to evolve. Emerging technologies are constantly evolving to defend peoples’ sensitive information against interception by third parties. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

As manufacturers strive to make our lives easier, home appliances and machines are being manufactured with Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows for efficient transfer of data over the Internet. 

The advancement in IoT is good news for both individuals and businesses. For starters, people can quickly lock doors remotely, schedule laundry, and preheat ovens. Also, it has allowed people and companies to remotely monitor security features.

Through the help of IoT, businesses can efficiently collect, analyze, and record data, enhancing company processes.


Considering past trends and the current evolution of technology, the above-named technologies are promising. It is for us to leverage their benefits as we wait upon the next big thing.

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