Reality TV & the Internet’s Role in its Publicity

Reality TV is the genre 21st century amuses us with most. It is an amalgamation of different kinds of shows, like a game show, soap opera. Documentary as well as amateur video programming, to bring about drama into people’s lives. It makes money by sharing different parts of the reality tv participant’s lives based on their negotiation or the agreement they signed on before entering the show. However, mostly it is just confusing AF for the participants on paper to understand what they mean and thus their private conversations and moments are also offered to the public for scrutinization. Ironically, this whole thing is accomplished both – by as well as for money.

If you think about it, reality TV is just a way to prove and triumph over the fact that everything and everyone has a price! Moreover, people will go about any lengths for money – no matter if their image is torn apart in the process. Even though all the viewers are aware of how it works in a reality show – they cut some things and show something completely different than what is going on … the show still has an element of surprise to it. They embed something surprising in surrender, even. This fascinates the audience as well as many around them since the producing team makes sure they scratch out some deep cultural anxieties and turning everyone’s moral dilemma around at a whole 180-degree angle. Every show is filled with love, romance, cheating, friendships, betrayal, trust, happiness as well as sorrow. These feelings are used as emotional triggers to attract more and more audiences and to bring back even those who stop watching the show mid-way.

Importance of Publicity

Such shows cannot survive without publicity, as their whole contract is dependent on its viewership. Therefore, different steps are taken to make sure people watch it and in turn, the show survives as well as makes a profit over other people’s lives.

Publicity is possible through different mediums; mobile texts, social work, social media, location-based ‘meet & greet’, posters and prints all over the city as well as through online blogs and websites.

Many producing teams share their bloopers on weekly basis to attract people and some announce various low-key contests like vote your favorite star/ participant the most and get a chance to meet them or be on the show. In short, they are offering people to appear on their show for their footage and also pay them for that. Pay how? Those voting messages aren’t free, are they? They are usually charging a price for each vote you give. Moreover, if they tell you that you can vote for free by logging into their website then they also ask you to subscribe. This helps them have more subscribers as well as people who would keep their websites active for them for free. The more users they have the more google ranking they will get for being trusted by others.

Then some reality shows make their participants work for the poor as an activity – a great initiative indeed but this too is a marketing campaign just to gain publicity. Such acts are met with great awe and empathy as it generates dopamine in the viewer’s brain to know that someone in this world of riches still cares about others.

Role of Internet

While the producers make sure they capitalize on each and every move a participant makes in the reality show – they also do everything in their power to stir up something for those who don’t watch cable TV too often. In that case, people stream online using high-speed internet to watch shows. (Check out Spectrum internet to enjoy a seamless streaming experience, along with a very supportive Spectrum customer service that resolves all your issues instantly). They reach such targets with the help of social media marketing.

The moment a show is released – the participants as mundane as a housekeeping person would have an account or Facebook page to gather more followers. It lets the audience know that they are accessible and thus their fans, as well as haters, go along optimizing the page for them by leaving comments and likes.

Big brother, America’s got talents and all such shows do two things using the internet;

  1. Call for Action
  2. Call for Vote

Either way, someone will have to click on their links and go about giving them time. With the call to action, they let people know if they are having any auditions without having to waste money on posters all over the country, and with the call to vote they get people to log into their websites that not only improves their ranking but also gets them money with each click.

In the golden times, people had to go to see a show and not miss anything, then came the TVs and now with the internet – the moments are saved for eternity. Even when I am dead years from now – people might be able to read this piece of writing.

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