How to treat an escort in the right way for a better experience

Let ‘s talk about etiquette. For some people, things that I am going to talk about will be obvious, for others-it can be a revelation. But this is very important to discuss such things, even maybe if it will hurt you, because you can realize that you made such mistakes in your past, in your previous appointments with escorts. But what is important is how you are going to use this information and how you’re going to behave in the future. And, please, remember: my point is not to offend you or insult you. My point is to help you to understand our standards, so escorts and clients would have better experience with each other and better communication. And first important rule here is to respect personal borders. Especially if it’s your first or second escort appointment. You don’t have the right to ask her any personal questions. For example, where did she come from, did she have a boyfriend, did she have children, what was her education, in which country she now lives, etc.

Maybe when you are going to be her regular, when you are going to meet a lot of times, she’ll start giving you this personal information. But it’s very rude to ask such questions until then. And never, never ask us anything about money: how much do we earn, where do we keep money, how we transfer them, how many customers do we have per day … Do not ask these questions, even if you’ve known about this escort for a long time. If she decides to share it with you, she’ll do it on her own someday. Wait till then, please don’t ask. Don’t be rude, man. The second and most important rule is-to take care of your hygiene. Some people just forget about a few points. For example, wash your hands right after the street. Take a shower,

It doesn’t matter if you had this shower before: one hour before, or just before you left your apartment … It doesn’t matter to you. Please, if you’re going to have some physical interaction with an escort, take a shower. And use mouthwash, especially if you want to kiss. And if you wash your dick, be very nice and careful. Pull over your skin, wash your head and take good care of your balls. If you don’t see them under your belly, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. But I mean, guys. It’s obvious to some of you, but it’s not obvious to some people. I hear a lot of girls’ claims: that men don’t take very good care of their genitals. So wash them thoroughly. And I told you before, but I feel I have to repeat it: don’t use the hand you used to masturbate yourself-don’t touch the lady with the same hand! And if you started putting a condom on the wrong side, you threw away this condom and took another one.

Of course, it’s safe for you to just turn it to another side and keep using it. But it’s not safe for the lady. Pay your attention to that. Then, if you have any preferences, let the lady know in advance. Some people used to think that life was porn. But this isn’t a porn movie and it isn’t webcam porn either. And for those girls who provide some services, it’s very important to know in advance if you want, for example, anal during this appointment. So they could have prepared themselves for that

Keep that in mind. When you see the list, it doesn’t mean that you can come and ask for everything from this menu. So, please, let the lady know in advance what your needs are, so that she can brace herself to give you all these special services. Then-show respect for the place of the lady. Some people just don’t know how to act. They can talk loud in the hallways, they can throw cigarette butts from the balcony, they can spit from the balcony, they can give a shit about the neighbors. Of course, this is a vacation for them: he may never plan to come back to this place. But it’s very important for the discreet lady of her place. Please, respect that, please. And don’t leave your sperm on a curtain or a sofa if you don’t have to pay for the cleaning. Don’t pee in a shower, a sink or a bathtub, please. Do it in the bathroom. Use the toilet for that purpose. You can pee wherever you want at home. Of course, another case if you asked for a golden shower, and the lady agreed to give you that-but then she ‘ll give you instructions as to where you can do that.

If you’re going to pee-pee in the toilet. Don’t throw the condom in the toilet, please. What the hell?! Have you ever heard or never heard of blocked pipes? Please pay some respect and follow the rules. Then, in advance, you should prepare the exact amount of money. Don’t leave it for the last second: the bank machine that you were going to use can be broken and the bank can be closed. So prepare your money in advance of that. Don’t wait for a change from a lady: it’s not a supermarket.

It’s up to you to prepare the exact amount. One more rule-don’t tell us any information about one escort to another. Like: ‘Oh, I’ve visited one of your colleagues recently, she’s only living on two floors above.’ Or ‘I met Claudia, she’s from Poland.’ Please don’t say that. What happened in the room of the escort-stays in the room of the escort. Don’t share the information. If the lady was so nice to you and told you something about her private life, take care of it. Keep your confidentiality. And please, don’t ever write something like that in the reviews. And let the lady know in advance if you’re tall or if you’re drunk. Some escorts don’t have a problem at all-they even like parties of this kind, and they can take you if you’re under cocaine or alcohol. But it can be very important for other escorts: to know the details of your condition.

For me personally, I’m never going to meet drunk or tall people. Don’t waste your time and my time, please. Notify in advance of this. Don’t take the chance to find out whether or not she’s going to agree. And don’t bring drugs or anything prohibited to our places. Guys, don’t do that, guys … We can fucking kill you because of that. Don’t take the risk of that. And if you’re sick, please cancel your appointment.

If you feel that the flu is just starting, that your lip is just scratching-maybe the herpes will be there tomorrow, maybe not … But if you already feel these signs-please cancel your appointment. Take responsibility for that. I’m sure you’d love to have the lady treat you the same way. And respect the political cancelation of the lady. Different escorts have different rules. For someone, it’s enough if you just call one hour in advance and cancel your appointment, for another girl, it’s very important if you let her know at least one day before. So she was able to fix her plans

And someone can ask you to make 100 percent of the compensation, for someone it ‘s going to be 50 percent, for another girl it might be … She’s going to ask you to make a deposit for another appointment. Please, respect these rules if you cancel your appointment or if you cancel your appointment. This is the basic label. If I forgot to mention something, please remind me of that in your comments. And these rules are roughly the same all over the world, for different escorts: for those who have a pornstar or camgirl experience, or a girlfriend’s experience, or even a lingam massage. These rules are the same thing. Just respect the girl’s privacy, respect her place, take care of your hygiene, prepare an accurate amount of money in advance, tell her if you’re drunk, if you’re sick, if you’re tall. And respect the policy of cancelation

And the escort girl will treat you back with all respect, and the appointment will be wonderful, and you will never appear on the blacklist. Maybe, after this video, you’ll understand why some of the girls don’t answer your phone call anymore. But don’t worry, it’s never too late to fix your behavior for the best future. Sorry if I offended you with something, but I think it’s a very important subject, and it can help us to understand each other better. I ‘m talking about escort and client. Thank you so much for watching, see you on Friday. If you want to ask an escort for something, go ask an Escort at Adposta’s Sydney Escorts section.

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