The Top 4 IMDb Rated Comedy Movies & Series Ever Made!

The Top 4 IMDb Rated Comedy Movies & Series Ever Made!

If you enjoy a good laugh when watching movies or need cheering up, then a good comedy movie or binge-watching hours of comedy series is always the way to brighten up your day or evening. However, we know that with recent events you have probably watched every comedy Netflix, Amazon, and HBO has to offer. Therefore, we thought we would give you the top 4 IMDb rated comedies ever made.

1. Peep Show

This comedy ran from 2003 and continued into 2015 making it one of the longest-running series ever made.

In fact, it reached right up to series 9 when it came to an end in 2015 at which point the series’ fanbase was devastated and there has not been anything come out that can replace it. The series is a fun depiction of American life from the point of view of 2 twenty-something roommates.

2. Seinfeld

If you love New York City dramas with a decent twist of comedy that covers the transition from the 1980s up to just before the millennium, then this is a great comedy series to delve into. It was first released in 1989 following the misadventures of a comedian named Jerry Seinfeld.

It covers his friendships and some of the madness going on and strange events that New York City living can throw your way if you happen to be a resident.

3. South Park

Well, South Park needs no introduction, to be honest. Everyone knows it because quite simply this is an outrageous comedy that does not shy away from racial comments, societal problems, or discrimination because of the way people look.

As an animation its design is not great – in fact it is very simple compared to Disney or Pixar animated series and movies but the fact that these school kids swear, misbehave and generally outrage half the people that have seen it is exactly why it become so popular and has made it to the number 3 spot on IMDb’s list.

South Park is kind of a series, but stories fly all over the place while it is certainly one of the longest-running series ever still pulling audiences even today despite its 1997 inception making it over 2 decades old.

4. The Life & Times of Tim

Remarkably this comedy became popular even after most critics immediately threw it under the bus. No one expected it to make any headlines yet alone become IMDb’s fourth most popularly rated movie.

Suddenly people were talking about this series and they were hooked between 2008 and 2012 but after 4 years the novelty wore off and the show came to an end. However, in its short-lived existence, The Life & Times of Tim remarkably made it into the top 4 spots!

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