With access to the digital world at our fingertips, it does not seem possible for a person to get bored. Although the lockdown is lifted, with the crisis the world underwent this year, boredom has become unavoidable. Tuning into your favorite TV shows or watching YouTube can only keep you occupied for so long. So how do you entertain yourself when you’re bored? Here are ten ways to do just that.

  • Work Out

As humans, it is part of our nature to seek comfort whenever stressed. Although stress-eating and slacking off may seem like a natural response, studies show physical activity helps relieve stress and anxiety. The gyms may be reopening now but working out at the leisure of your home is also possible. Now would be the right time to dust off your equipment and get exercising. If not, traditional calisthenics is also a superb alternative.

  • Socialize

The mere act of interacting with someone, friend, or stranger, can do wonders. After spending multiple months in isolation, now would be the optimal time to start socializing again. Call your friends and family, plan a gathering, and have a great time. You can do so in your house or plan for an event, such as a movie. Another option would be to get some amphitheater concert tickets and head over with your friends.

  • Video Games

A misconception many people have is that gaming is for kids only. The fact of the matter is, videogames cater to all age-groups. There are a variety of different consoles and platforms to play your games. Not to mention a vast and diverse library of games to choose from as well.

If you prefer to play by yourself, a gaming computer offers the perfect solo-play experience. However, if you wish to play with your friends and family, a console would suit your needs.

  • Reading

Our busy lives rarely grant us the opportunity to delve into the imaginative fantasies a book may offer. Most of us will be unable to remember the last book they read, let alone the time. Kindles are a superb device. A multitude of e-books in a slab of glass is quite frankly unbelievable. Offering different levels of brightness and even the option to customize the page style, Kindles are a godsend. Regardless, e-books may be an option, reverting to the classic paperback book could provide an excruciating experience as well.

  • Don Your Chef’s Hat

Picking up a new skill — cooking in particular — is always an adventure. It requires nothing new, and you can get started right away. Even if you lack or have prior experience, experimenting with food and making new dishes is a great time. Instead of frying or microwaving frozen food, why not learn how to make it yourself. Even better, do your take on the dish! Cooking is all about creativity.

If you’re not fond of reading recipe books or waiting for your favorite TV chef, explore YouTube and the cooking channels. Binging with Babish, Food Network, and even Gordon Ramsay uploads videos on the platform.

  • Redecorate Your Home

The simple act of tidying up your desk can drastically improve your productivity. Likewise, a cluttered interior is bound to stress you. It does not require much effort, but the pay-off is immense. Start by reorganizing your closet, hanging your clothes right as well as folding them properly. You could also clear your bookshelf of books that you rarely read. Once you take the initiative, you can later work on reorganizing your home entirely.

  • Creativity

Interest in creativity can allow you several options to keep yourself entertained. Activities such as constructing DIY projects, painting, or even creative-writing could prove beneficial for your mental health. As mentioned before, YouTube is a platform that will provide you the knowledge for anything and everything. DIY projects can be minimal, though, confidence in your skills can lead to more ambitious projects.

  • Meditating

Suffering from stress and mood swings is not an easy task. Our emotions often cloud our minds, forcing us to make wrong decisions. A simple remedy for curing your mental health is meditation. Although practiced for centuries, meditation has become a necessity in this era. It comes with several benefits, all of which improve your overall well-being. Investing 10-15min everyday can give you remarkable results over time.

  • Photography

Studies show an average individual spends over 4 hours on their smartphone. Without prohibiting you from using your phone, a suggestion to consider is to dedicate some time to photography. A misconception common among the majority of people is that photography requires perfect conditions. There is truth to this statement. However, it is not entirely correct. The beauty of photography lies in creativity and trying new things.

  • Your Certain Someone

While tending to your partner’s needs shouldn’t be out of boredom, some extra time with them is likely to freshen your mind. The smallest of gestures are likely to elevate you and your partner’s mood. Watch a TV show together, or perhaps play a video game with them. The pandemic forced us to distance ourselves from our loved ones. Thus, now would be the opportune time to mend the relationships with our loved ones.

  • Conclusion

Admittedly, these past months have been a rollercoaster of events. As quoted by Aristotle, humans are but social animals. We cannot live without any social interaction with others; it is in our nature. With the lockdown coming to an end, we must prioritize our loved ones and damaged relationships. Furthermore, life itself can be dull at times, and hopefully, the tips mentioned above are to help you through those times.

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