Kinan Salameh is rocking the start-up scene!

The end of the corona crisis is not yet in sight, and a lot of companies are in the fight for economic survival. Nevertheless, some start-ups are now able to work successfully again. These include, for example, Scan2Get, which was launched by Kinan Salameh at the end of 2019. This is now his fifth profitable company in as many years. The concept behind it is very simple: Scan2Get sales partners supply shops, restaurants and other leisure businesses with a display containing a QR code. The visitor reads in this QR code and thus enters the operator’s digital customer list. This makes it possible to contact him at any time and in a second step to request a Google recommendation via chatbot. As a reward for this, the customer receives a small gift. This refers to a WLAN password and the like.

The idea for this innovative concept originated with two other babies in the gastronomy sector, which Kinan Salameh set up a year before Scan2Get. This involved a franchise concept for vegan food as well as the largest street food festival in Germany. In the process, he noticed that customers generally tend to write negative Google reviews when they do. However, positive ratings are essential for a positive Google ranking. In addition, the owner of the shop, restaurant or other leisure company includes the customer in his digital customer list. This enables them to use a chatbot for example to inform customers about promotions.

The Corona crisis in particular showed the owners how important digitalisation is. And for those who are not yet aware of it, the 350 Scan2Get sales partners trained by Kinan Salameh make them aware of it. The potential of this product, which makes simple marketing measures particularly efficient and profitable, enables five-digit sales within two weeks at commissions of 40 %. The added value of Scan2Get brought Kinan Salameh the awards for top company and top service 2020 after only a few months.

The 25-year-old from Augsburg with Syrian roots has already set himself the next ambitious goals. Kinan Salameh, who was born with one arm and yet started his own business at the age of 17, is aiming for an eight-digit revenue until 2021. In addition, the team of Scan2Get sales partners trained by Kinan Salameh and currently active in the German-speaking countries, the United Arab Emirates and Cambodia is to consist of 1,000 people. In addition, 5,000 to 10,000 shops, gastro-locations and leisure businesses worldwide are expected to conclude contracts with Scan2Get by next year.

We are confident that Scan2Get and Kinan Salameh will achieve these goals. In addition to the previous successes for this new concept, a real estate portfolio with a value of ten million Euros speaks for the 25-year old, who at the age of 24 advanced to be a self-made millionaire. The first property purchase was made at the end of 2016. Kinan Salameh still invests constantly every two or three months in properties located in Germany, Prague and Dubai. On you can get an additional picture of this top entrepreneur.


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