How to choose the right clothes for really odd leg shape?

When we see a desirable outfit on a model in a catalogue or online store, we are immediately tempted to try out that outfit. Often, we get inspired to try a new dress or shoe when we see our favorite movie star wearing it. However, most of us don’t have the enviable physique or aesthetics of a celebrity or professional model, and the attire won’t look the same on us.

Very few women have beautiful and proportionate legs and most of us are always evaluating whether a particular jeans or skirt would look flattering on our legs or not. 

Yes, we all cannot be the leggy lasses we see on the screen, but we can certainly dress better if pay attention to the shape of our legs while deciding our attire-

If Your Legs Are Skinny

If your legs are spindly or skinny, you need to pay attention to balance the upper and lower body in order to mask their overt thinness. You should-

  1. Choose dresses that create an illusion of curves in your thigh region, say peplum dresses or pleated skirts. A-line dresses and skirts are another great option.
  2. Opt for hemlines that graze your knees. Shorter hems will highlight your thin legs unnecessarily.
  3. Go for straight legged or cigarette pants that create an illusion of volume. 

Always choose right leggings. Avoid skinny jeans or leggings as they have a slimming effect on legs. 

  1. If you want to wear shorts, wear slim fit ones and avoid wearing wide shorts.
  2. Avoid chunky heels and wedges as they look too big on thin legs. Pumps are a better option.

For Sharp Knees Or Pale/ Scarred Legs

Sharp knees, pale or scarred legs draw are unflattering features that get the kind of attention that you don’t want. Conceal them by-

  1. Wearing a skirt or dress that covers your knee caps. Skirts with mid-calf length are a great choice.
  2. Not wearing dresses or skirts with too many patterns or details. 
  3. Avoiding dark-colored shoes if your legs are very pale. 

For Short Legs

The easiest way to look taller is to wear heels. But there are certain dos and don’ts that could certainly make you appear taller. 

  1. Keep your color scheme simple. When you wear contrasting colors your body gets divided into separate blocks which make you appear shorter. 
  2. Short hemlines make you look taller. Wear mini-skirts; in case you want something longer make sure it ends at your knees.
  3. Dresses or trousers with a higher waistline, like high-waisted jeans, will also make your legs look longer.
  4. Avoid shoes with ankle straps, or ankle boots as they cut off your legs and make them look shorter. 
  5. Straight-legged or boot cut pants are a better choice for you, instead of very tight trousers.

For Heavy Calves and Ankles

If you feel conscious about your heavy calves or ankles, you can use these tips and tricks elongate your leg line-

  1. Go for a monochromatic look; wear dark colors on top as well as bottom to slim down your heavy calves.
  1. Opt for skirts or dresses with hemlines on the thinner part of your legs, like just below your knee or ankle-length.
  1. A-line dress and skirts would flatter your physique, while its best to avoid apparels like pencil skirts which draw attention to your calves.
  1. Prefer medium length-heel over flat shoes. Shoes with pointed toes would look great on you. Check shoes hack that celebrities use and you don’t know yet.

For Bowed Knees

If you have bowed knees, you should opt for garments that don’t draw attention to your knee area.

  1. Avoid skinny jeans as they make your bow legs conspicuous.
  1. Opt for loose fit trousers or flared trousers and jeans as the hide the shape of your knees.
  1. Flared dresses or skirts would also complement women with bowed knees.
  1. Tight fitted skirts or mini-skirts draw attention to your bowed knees. Opt for skirts with mid-calf length or longer.
  1. Medium heels with a round toe or open toe suits bowed legs better than high heels or flats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jeans are best for short legs?

High-waisted jeans are trendy and are best for short legs.

What pants look good on short legs?

Straight legged or boot cut pants.

What should I wear if I have long legs?

Low waist jeans, trousers that contrast in colour with your top, etc. suit long legs.

Which jeans are best for fat legs?

Boyfriend jeans, jeans with a curvy fit.

How can I make my skinny legs look fuller?

Opt for trousers with a loose fit, eg. Cigarette pants, boyfriend jeans, etc.

What is the best dress for skinny legs?  

Wear dresses that add volume to your hips and thighs like flared dresses or skirts, peplum or pleated skirts, etc.

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