How Does UK Talent Get Spotted Online?

How Does UK Talent Get Spotted Online?

One of the best ways to get people to notice your talent is by showing it off online. If you are a funny comedian, a good DJ, a musician, actor, or any kind of artists, then you are going to get spotted. Social Media likes and followers will be proof –you need to make sure that people are liking your posts, videos, and pictures because you are talented and not just because so many people are ‘like’ happy on social media.

Using YouTube To Flaunt Your Talent

Arguably one of the best places to feature your talent is on YouTube. Unlike many other social media websites, YouTube has a ‘dislike’ or ‘thumbs down’ button. When you give people the option to dislike your video those that do click it because they do strongly dislike the video. If they thought it was but were not too keen on it, then a person’s natural behaviour would be to neither press like or dislike.

It is fair to say that You Tubers will only press dislike if they strongly dislike. If you are getting an even number of dislikes and likes, then you need to improve your talent to harness better responses.

Using SoundCloud To Allow People to Listen To Your Recordings

Another very cool way to get noticed as talent is Soundcloud. It is a platform that gives the option to allow people to like your music or DJ set as well as to download your recording for free. A lot of talent is spotted around the world on Soundcloud simply because so many people follow, like, and download their material. Another website called Spotify is also used for sharing music, but you need to purchase a subscription.

Access to Movie Sites To Publish Your Acting

Another point well worth mentioning is that getting access to B rated movies and actors is easier than ever before. There are plenty of pirate movie websites out there that are willing to place your film into their movie collection. These sites are not always accessible from some countries. For instance, if you wanted to watch B movies in Holland, you would need to use software such as a VPN.

When you use the software, you can access a ton of movie sites not only for your viewing pleasure but also to watch other people’s B movies alongside your one. YouTube is also a good place to publish movies for free as long as you have the rights to the movie. The issue here is that people may rate your movie quality over their acting skills, so it is hard to judge the dislikes.

Writing Talent

Another talent out there is writing. There are so many different styles of writing out there targeting a wide variety of audiences. Nonfiction and fiction, technical writing, poetry, journalism, blogging, sales content, legal, and financial reporting are all styles of writing. Within each of these styles, there are more styles of writing. For example, one financial writer might use industry-specific technical jargon, while another may write in layman’s terms or add a twist of comedy or storytelling to the report.

Getting spotted as a talented writer takes time and patients. Social media and blogs are the best way to showcase your talent as well as having your website where people can read your content.

In the end, there are many ways to utilize the internet to make sure your talent is spotted. It can help you improve and gauge the improvements, and it can also be a way to get yourself noticed by companies that are looking for your type of talent. 

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