Visionary entrepreneur Luisa Zhou has transformed the online education industry and helped thousands realize their potential.

Driven by the desire to inspire, Luisa Zhou has become one of the leading online business teachers in the world.

Thanks to the evolution of technology and social media, more and more people around the world have been able to build their own online business via sharing their knowledge and skills. This has led to a spike in digital courses, which help students learn from an expert who has distilled their knowledge and experience into a series of self-guided audios, videos, and documents.

The result? A booming global e-learning market poised to cross $315 Billion by 2025.

At the forefront of this educational tidal wave are teacher entrepreneurs, who, through their own experience and skills, help students in various ways. One such teacher entrepreneur is Luisa Zhou, who has transformed the online teaching world with her no-nonsense and direct, yet motivating approach.

Born to Chinese immigrant parents and hailing from Houston, Texas, Zhou grew up aspiring to the exact opposite of entrepreneurship: A steady 9-to-5 job. With that goal in mind, she followed a very traditional path. First, she earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Princeton University. Then, she worked briefly as an engineer for the International Space Station. Chasing her own fulfillment, Zhou continued to pursue different jobs in different industries.

By the age of 25, she was already earning six-figures as a manager at a digital advertising tech start-up, overseeing millions of dollars in business each year. However, Zhou felt she was still missing something.

Then, her personal and professional lives collided. Over the span of a year, all of her loved ones suffered life-threatening challenges. Her father was rushed to the ER for high-risk, emergency heart surgery. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer. And her sister almost lost her eyesight in a freak snowball accident. Not being able to take a year off of work to be with her loved ones finally gave Zhou the motivation she needed to start her first online business on the side. (In the hope that it would eventually allow her to replace her salary and create a life of more freedom and flexibility.)

A few years and failed attempts later, Zhou stumbled upon her first successful online business of teaching others the digital advertising skills that she had learned in her job. Within just four months, she had made more than 6-figures in sales, while still working full-time.

Only then, when her business had generated enough revenue to replace her salary, did Zhou turn in her notice. This is a point that Zhou emphasizes frequently: Minimize your risk and maximize your chances of success by staying at your job until your business can support you.

After turning in her notice, Zhou started getting questions about how she’d been able to build a business that replaced her salary. And how she’d been able to do it before she’d left her job. That’s when Zhou developed her Employee to Entrepreneur program and started teaching others to start their own profitable online business. So far, she has helped thousands of people launch their businesses and making 30K to 100K (or more) in less than a year. (Thanks to the effectiveness of her program, and the subsequent testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals, her own business crossed over a million dollars in sales in its first year.)

Through an effective combination of inspirational and tactical guidance, this powerful female entrepreneur and teacher has helped her students realize their big entrepreneurial dreams and change their own lives.

Over the past few years, Zhou has transformed the e-learning industry for the better through helping people realize their dreams of starting their own successful online business. Today, she runs a multi-million dollar business as a result of the value she has created and continues to deliver.

According to her, her favorite part? “I get to live life on my own terms. While doing something truly amazing, fulfilling, and fun.”

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