Ranking Every Season 4 Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’

The fourth season of The Simpsons is incredible. It’s as good as any season of any show, save for maybe the next four seasons of The Simpsons. Even then, it’s close. There is not an off episode in the bunch. It’s a truly excellent season of television. That makes ranking the episodes incredibly tricky, if also incredibly fun. By season four, The Simpsons was already one of the best comedies ever. This is when it took things to a whole new level. Time to get to ranking all 22 episodes! Wish me luck!

22. “So It’s Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show”

21. “Treehouse of Horror III”

20. “Lisa’s First Word”

19. “Homer’s Triple Bypass”

18. “Brother from the Same Planet”

17. “Lisa the Beauty Queen”

16. “Kamp Krusty”

15. “Homer the Heretic”

14. “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie”

13. “Duffless”

12. “Selma’s Choice”

11. “Marge in Chains”

10. “New Kid on the Block”

9. “A Streetcar Named Marge”

8. “The Front”

7. “I Love Lisa”

6. “Marge Gets a Job”

5. “Krusty Gets Kancelled”

4. “Whacking Day”

3. “Mr. Plow”

2. “Last Exit to Springfield”

1. “Marge vs. the Monorail”

It was easy to put a clip show at the bottom of this list, but honestly as far as clip shows go “So It’s Come to This” is a really good one. Still, it’s a lot of recycled material. It’s also not a great “Treehouse of Horror” but it’s a solid enough one. “Last Exit to Springfield” and “Marge vs. the Monorail” are both considered all-time great Simpsons episodes, and I’m not giving you a hot take here. They are both truly amazing episodes. Hell, I’d say my top four are all amazing episodes. I will also always love “Marge in Chains” for the joke where somebody declares Jimmy Carter “History’s greatest monster.” I should also note that two of the episodes in this season were written by Conan O’Brien, including “Marge vs. the Monorail.” Your mileage may vary, but I’m happy with my ranking. I am not, in fact, history’s greatest monster.

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