Watching Croatian TV from Abroad

Watching Croatian TV from Abroad

If you are like us, you love Croatian TV. Everything about Croatian television unique, intelligent and, well, Croatian. There is so much on offer for every type of person and we love every minute of it.

As far as we’re concerned, the only real problem with Croatian TV is that it’s very difficult to watch it from outside of Croatia. That means for everyone likes to travel, go to school, or work abroad, catching up on all of their favourite TV programs becomes a bit of a chore.

What are the restrictions

Reason Croatian TV broadcasters so difficult for people to watch Croatian TV abroad is that there are numerous deals and contracts in place which restrict their content in a way that they can only offer it to specific audiences. In this case, the specific audiences are the Croatian public.

Production companies who are behind the Croatian TV programs that we all love so much sell their programs to Croatian broadcasters with exclusivity in place.

Any breach of that contract puts the broadcaster at risk of being sued by the production companies. Restrictions like these both the production companies and the television broadcasters maintain predictable profits from advertising and the like.

What is geo-blocking

If you wish to watch Croatian TV from abroad, there are a few things that you need to know. The first is that without the proper tools and know-how you won’t be able to get past the geo-blocking Croatian TV broadcasters employ.

Geo-blocking is simply a fancy name for a broadcasting company’s ability to track the IP addresses of machines connecting to their networks. Any IP addresses that fall outside of the contractual jurisdiction of the agreements they’ve made with production companies are systematically blocked.

To get past geo-blocking in Croatia, one simply needs to use a VPN tool that changes the IP address of the computer they are connecting from to an IP registered in Croatia.

Best way to watch Croatian TV online

The best tool to use to change IP settings is a VPN. There are many benefits to using a VPN and the IP reassignment is one of the major ones.

Connecting to a VPN service is very easy. All you need to do to find a service that you like, create an account with the company offering VPN service, opt for whatever subscription you’re happy with, and then download the software. Once your account is set up VPN software installed on your machine, the only thing left to do to activate the VPN.

Once the tool is up and running your entire connection will be relayed through the VPN servers which is how your IP address becomes invisible to geo-blocking software.

Final thoughts

When you want to watch Croatian TV while abroad, just be sure that the VPN service that you select has virtual connections in Croatia.

Geo-blockers used by Croatian television broadcasters are looking for IP addresses originating from Croatia, so your VPN should be able to deliver those. Another thing that you should keep your eye on is whether a particular VPN service is known for getting past geo-blockers of specific Croatian television broadcaster that you are interested in.

They do not all use the same technology to manage who they stream their content to, and, likewise, with VPNs also use different technologies to achieve similar results.

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