Top 5 tips on how to create a stunning YouTube thumbnail


We all have known how to open our YouTube channels and make money. However, it should be understood that not all channels can stand out. Most people do not know how vital Fotor is to your social media channels. It’s one of the best sites that helps people edit incredible photos for their social media. It also acts as a twitter header maker.

Thumbnails are essential aspects that can leverage potential viewers to have a click and enjoy your work. Thumbnails determine a lot if one is going to click on it and watch your work.

What is a YouTube Thumbnail?

A thumbnail is the first image disclosed when one is browsing YouTube videos. An excellent eye-catching image will draw the attention of the potential viewers, whereas a dull image draws off the viewers. 

When one is uploading the video, YouTube will provide a set of frame choices that you can use as your thumbnail on your video. However, customizing your thumbnails is more beneficial than when you use YouTube thumbnails.

Tips on how to make Youtube thumbnail design

  1. Include the title text

There are several benefits of having the title text on your thumbnails. It reflects on what or the context of the video you have uploaded. Despite that, the image will explain more of the video, the text will show the video’s exact purpose.

A brilliant tutorial makes the viewer choose it from several thumbnails to solve the technical issues he is looking to solve.

If you have to create a series of videos, line them with text headings. Remember, the title does not include everything in the video but pick the video’s fundamental idea.

  • Choose the best font style

The font style is vital to the content you have created for your audience. Have a consistent on your thumbnails with the same font style to keep your audience alive. Remember to use striking colors and robust design. Have something unique and attractive and not the common things.

  • Make the best and pleasing contrast with the bright background

Having a title is good, but if it can’t be read, it will be useless. The use of color contrast is what you need to consider for easy reading.

Different colors are different from one another. Doing this lone can be tedious, but with Fotor, it is a matter of seconds because they have experience.

  • Use a significant and relevant image

Visualization is essential in grabbing the attention of viewers. High-quality and relevant photos serve as the demo for your video.

It allows the viewers to link the image and the services or brands you are dealing with. Think of an image that has an in-depth idea of what you are dealing with advertising.

  • Consistency

Having consistency in every step in the thumbnail is vital. It allows your viewers to understand the idea of the videos. This should be in line with the right font size, layouts, and color scheme, among other things.

Final thought

YouTube thumbnail is essential in reshaping your YouTube channel with the best context, design, and techniques. An ideal thumbnail will attract more viewers and keep them watching your videos as it can stand out among the many.

With Fotor photo editing, they will help create the best thumbnail and Facebook cover photo templates to take your channel to the next level.  

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