How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Some hoverboard owners love their units to death. We mean this literally – they enjoy their boards so much, they neglect proper battery care. In doing so, they inadvertently send theirs to an early grave.

Pixie dust doesn’t power hoverboards – their owners need to charge them, and regularly. Sadly, well-meaning owners run their boards ragged, dramatically shortening their battery’s life cycle. To avoid an early demise, you must understand how long your hoverboard’s battery lasts.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about hoverboard battery life – and then some. By the end, you’ll possess the knowledge needed to maximize the operational life of your favorite toy.

Quality Batteries Last Longer

You get what you pay for. In cheaper models (and shockingly, some pricier units), you’ll find lithium-ion batteries from China and other low-cost markets. Regulators don’t hold these cells to the same standards as batteries made by established manufacturers. Also, these units may contain refurbished batteries, which are formerly defective cells repaired by a third-party.

Consequently, these batteries don’t hold a charge as well as top-of-the-line brands. In most tests, quality hoverboard batteries will give you up to four hours of run time. Compare that to cheaper models, which only run for about 1-2 hours.

Your Hoverboard Model Matters As Well

No two hoverboards are created equal. Some are lightweight and offer little in the way of frills. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find heavier units with every bell & whistle imaginable. As such, it shouldn’t be surprising that neon-lit hoverboards suck up more power than their less flashy cousins.

But, just because one hoverboard is fancier than another brand does not mean it has less battery life. As we already discussed, cheap, entry-level hoverboards often come with cheap batteries. While a lighter, less posh hoverboard uses less power than more expensive models, it will probably die first. With a battery pack that is only capable of 1-2 hours of life, it will succumb long before a quality battery does.

That said, always check the specs of a hoverboard before buying. We checked the details of a leading hoverboard brand, only to find that its battery life was quite underwhelming. According to the product description, its pack may die after a paltry 45 minutes of use.

What Is The Life Span Of A Hoverboard Battery?

Before we begin – we’re talking about battery life expectancy here, not run time on a specific charge. However, just like charges, the overall life span of a battery depends largely on its quality. If your hoverboard battery is a cheap Chinese brand, you’ll get about 300 cycles before it doesn’t hold a charge. However, if your battery is top-quality, you can expect to get approximately 500 cycles out of it.

Battery quality is only one part of the equation, though – the other half is battery usage. Some users run their unit until it dies. Others fail to wait until their battery is fully charged. And some forget to unplug their hoverboard when charging is complete. All these behaviors place undue stress on your battery pack, which can shorten its life span.

Even worse, some owners can be excessively rough with their hoverboards (jumping on them, storing their unit near heat sources, etc.). These acts increase the probability of battery failure. In some instances, the cells may even explode.

No matter how well you treat your batteries, though, they will eventually bite the dust. When that day comes, a replacement hoverboard battery will be needed. Buy the highest quality brand you can – the better they are, the longer you’ll enjoy your hoverboard.

Maximizing The Life Span Of Your Hoverboard Battery: A Few Tips

Battery efficiency can only do so much. By adopting best practices, you can maximize your unit’s operational life. To do so, make a note of the following tips:

1) Charge your hoverboard before taking your first ride – We get it. When you get your first hoverboard, you don’t want to waste a second. As badly as you want to go for a rip, wait. Hoverboards don’t come from the factory fully-juiced – by riding it straight away, you’ll be placing a ton of stress on the battery.

2) Don’t ride your hoverboard until it dies – It makes sense to run through a full battery cycle – but not to exhaustion. This act can seriously damage the viability of your pack, so watch for the flashing red indicator light. When you see it, charge up your board.

3) Don’t overcharge your unit – Most hoverboards only take an hour or two to charge completely. When it’s at 100%, a green indicator light will appear. Don’t leave your unit plugged in beyond this point, as it will stress the internal components, lessening the battery’s life span. Overcharging also increases the probability of a battery explosion/fire – beware! 

Go Easy On Your Hoverboard Battery

Hoverboards are loads of fun. However, the good times stop the second your battery does. By properly caring for your hoverboard battery, you’ll maximize its life span, and its impact on your wallet.

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