4 Apps Useful For Entertainment & Travel Overseas

4 Apps Useful For Entertainment & Travel Overseas

Preparing for a holiday is always an exciting time tinged with a hint of nervousness but with the right travel apps, you can eliminate the latter and concentrate more on the former.

We are fortunate that due to modern technology, there are a plethora of apps out there that can make our holidays more secure, better planned, and far more convenient. We can book tickets on the go, send messages home instantly, and have a whole deluge of information right at our fingertips.

Here we have listed four apps that we think you should not be without when on your travels.


If you are somebody that struggles with jetlag, Entrain is the app that can help you through. This innovative app was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan.

Once you have given it information such as the destination of your trip, how much light you have already been exposed to and where you are travelling from, it will tell you when you should be thinking about taking a nap on a long haul flight.

It will even tell you when to eat and when to reduce the light on your flight by closing the window shutters.


There are several great VPN apps out there so we have not picked one in particular. You could go for NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or if you wanted a good free one, Windscribe.

A VPN is great for several reasons when travelling. Most importantly, they will give you protection when using unsecured public WiFi such as is found at airports, hotels, and public hotspots.

Additionally, you can get around geo-blocks on Netflix or sites such as HBO. Another benefit is the fact that you can access any blocked websites in the country that you are visiting like Appscrown.

A Messenger

You may be fine to get away with Facebook Messenger but you have to remember that in some countries the world’s largest social media platform is banned.

You have plenty of others here, however, so that you can keep in touch with loved ones back home when on holiday. Skype and Twitter are two such options to consider if you wanted to be able to send simple messages. Skype is ideal for video chat too.


Another great little travel app is AroundMe. This app will automatically detect where you are in the world and will be able to tell you where the closest bank, ATM, petrol station, bar, cinema, or anything else that might be useful on your travels.

You will never have to awkwardly ask a local for directions again, especially when used in conjunction with Google Maps.

Final Word

While you could get away without using any of these apps (we used to before they were around), your holiday will become far more enjoyable if you do decide to use them. You will be better protected, will be able to find your way around easier, and will always be just a few clicks away from your friends back home. 

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