What are cigarillos and is it better than cigars?

When we talk about cigars, they are a great way to enjoy tobacco in its purest form. However, different types and versions of cigars came into the market with different types of tobacco and different making processes with time. When we talk about these, we cannot forget but mentioned cigarillo, which many different companies in the world manufactured and is very similar looking to a normal cigar. However, there is a lot of difference between the two. Cigarillos mean “cigarette,” and they are mainly tobacco wrapped in tobacco leaves or brown tobacco-based paper. When it comes to the look, it looks very similar to a cigar but smaller in size. However, they are larger when compared to a cigarette.

Like a cigar, these cigarillos are made without any filters to make sure that the original taste of the tobacco does not change. Also, even the smoke of cigarillos is not meant to be inhaled, just like a cigar – and speaking of taste, don’t forget to store your cigars in good quality rated desktop cigar humidor to keep them moist and tender. A cigarillo contains less than half the amount of tobacco when compared to a normal cigar. It is why these are much lighter when compared to a cigar in essence and effectiveness. Now when it comes to their making process, it is different from what one can expect from a cigar. A cigar is basically hand-rolled in a certain way to maintain the premium strength and integrity of the wrapping. At the same time, Cigarillos are not hand-rolled and rolled with a machine. It makes them a lot cheaper than hand rolling. and speaking of taste, don’t forget to store your cigars in a humidor box with good capacity to keep them moist and tender.

Also, when it comes to consumption, cigars are not consumed in a single time, they can be cut and kept in a humidor to maintain the taste and aroma until the cigar is used again. In cigarillos, they are not kept in the humidor as they can be consumed at one time. Pricing wise, both are very different as cigars are generally expensive and have a lot more tobacco content. Whereas a cigarillo has less tobacco content and is priced at a much cheaper and more affordable rate than a cigar. In recent years, many different cigar manufacturers have decided to bring out new products that are similar to cigars to expand the product variety they are offering. In an attempt to do so, the companies have started manufacturing different types of cigarillos and mini cigars as well. Due to this, many of the cigar users have now shifted to either little cigars or cigarillos.

As per the user, cigarillos are smaller and easy to consume than a normal cigar. 

It is why consumers like cigarillos like White owl Cigarillos as they consume very less time in consumption. Also, since a cigarillo has less than half the quantity of tobacco, it poses less threat to health and is much easier to consume. Cigarillo is smoother and easier to smoke than a normal cigar and could be used by someone looking for an upgrade from smoking cigarettes. These are a few differences between a cigar and cigarillo. Cigarillo has become a popular tobacco product in the last few years and has been popular among people who did not want big cigars and was looking for a shorter option. You might find many different manufacturers providing flavored cigarillos, which is great in taste.

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