The Dos and Don’ts to Improve Your Home During Quarantine

The quarantine has given us more time to think about potential renovation projects we can start this summer. We’re all running out of ideas to entertain ourselves. Luckily, there’s nothing like a house remodeling that can cheer us up. If you’re thinking about a house makeover, you should plan carefully to ensure you do it right. There are various practices that you can apply and get the result you didn’t hope to achieve. It’s vital to stay on track and invest in projects you can invest in, both financially and mentally. Rethink twice before you start your house makeover journey. That will end the compulsive thinking and ensure you get the results you’ve always wanted.

Think about your home

Before you get yourself into a project that you can’t escape from, try to walk around your house and notice as many details as you can. Do you like what you see? Being aware of the house design and its pros and cons will help you determine what home improvement projects are the best for you. Once you have a better understanding of the area, you can make small changes and see how that works for you.

If you are not very fond of the majority of space in your house, focus on the areas you fancy the most.

Spend as much time as you can in these areas, and try to give the rest of the house a similar makeover. For example, if you’re a fan of large wooden shelves, try to install more shelves around the house. If you manage to fit them in the current design, you’ll drastically improve your living space.

Don’t be scared of making new changes

It’s easy to make small arrangements around the house. But what happens when we need to start more complicated projects? Some people tend to give up on their makeover ideas just because they don’t have enough courage to induce change. Although that is a valid reaction in these trying times, you need to have more faith in your decisions.

Repaint your walls, and watch the change unravel before your eyes. Subtle changes can make a lot of difference. Use shades that will make the room feel more spacious. People are scared to make changes because they think they’re permanent. Although it wouldn’t be ideal to invest in the same project twice, you can always repaint your walls or find a new shelf if you’re not happy with the outcome.

Move your furniture around

Another effective approach is to start rearranging your furniture. If your home is big enough to support these changes, you can change the entire layout of your house. Turn a guest room into your office and make similar changes in other areas. You can experiment with the arrangement as much as you’d like. If your home lacks functionality, a new layout may improve your lifestyle. If quarantine makes you feel stressed, this is a crucial improvement you must try out. Adapting to the new layout will keep you occupied for a while. That may improve your mood and help you stay on your feet. If you’re not someone who would try drastic changes, moving your sofa to the other corner of your living room will suffice.

Embrace decluttering

Decluttering your home from unnecessary details will change the way you feel about your living area. Too many details can cause distress. Anxious thoughts are the last thing you want to occupy yourself with during a pandemic. Look around your house and search for unnecessary details. Donating or throwing them away will make your home seem more spacious.

You don’t have to embrace minimalism. But it’s advisable to start decluttering as soon as possible. If some of your gadgets are not functional anymore, you should try to fix them. However, if you don’t have any more use of them, you should put them in the trash can. Go through your wardrobe as well and take out those jeans you’ve never worn before. Give your old clothes to charity, and you will feel a lot better when you come back to a cleaner house.

Invest in details that bring you joy

Although it’s vital not to overcrowd your space, adding new details won’t do any harm. Once you get rid of unnecessary objects, you will have more space for innovative design. Invest in artsy details that will make your house radiate positive energy. Instead of focusing on the negative, try to find beauty in this situation.

You can invest in small lamps that will change the atmosphere during the night. A new set of matching pillowcases is another good idea for every homeowner. If you’re feeling brave, order new furniture from Ikea. You will spend days trying to figure out what to do with the remaining screws.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, you can think long term and introduce changes that will benefit your entire family. The fact that we cannot travel means that we should find relaxation and fun within our own property. Building a swimming pool can add spice to your outdoor area and swimming can provide relief after a long and stressful day. Discuss your options with swimming pool builders and improve your home life.

Don’t overwhelm yourself

We’re required to spend as much time as we can inside our homes, and that can trigger stress and tension. Some people would even choose to sell the house and move out, to experience something new and exciting.

Before you make any hasty decisions, discuss your options with home builders. They will suggest all possible solutions and outcomes from knocking down and rebuilding your home to making smaller structural changes. Either way, know that there are other solutions that are better both for your financial and mental health.


Although many would disagree, this is the best time for a house remodelling. You have enough time to rethink your choices and stumble upon a good price. If you dedicate enough time to this, your house makeover project will make you feel better. You will be willing to spend more time in the house again.

It’s vital to make changes that will make you feel good. However, if you catch yourself being too impulsive, you should talk to another family member or a friend. Once you calm down and get back to normal, you will realize changing the surrounding is not always a good idea. Instead, focus on the improvements you can make now. Try to forget about irrational decisions and avoid drastic changes.

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