CONFIRMED: Neve Campbell Set to Return in Upcoming “Scream 5”

Many horror movie aficionados will tell you that actor Neve Campbell is to the Scream franchise what Jamie Lee Curtis is to Halloween. Both made memorable screen impressions – and forged subsequent stellar careers – via the devices of those two venerable series. The two set the mold for what we now view as Final Girl qualities: Keen intelligence, a sense of humor, empathy and compassion and – probably most important if one wants to survive a horror film – abstinence from sex and drugs. Those final qualities, in particular, might be deal-breakers for many of us, yet Sidney Prescott’s (Campbell) and Laurie Strode’s (Curtis) abilities to do all of the above granted those two powerful stalwarts future tickets for sequels, remakes and re-imaginings in their respective franchises for years after their original efforts made huge and seismic cultural impacts.

 Per our hipper uptown cousins at Bloody Disgusting, word officially came down from up on high this afternoon of the return of Neve Campbell to the part that made her a star, the much put upon yet stoic Sidney Prescott in the upcoming Spyglass/Paramount production of Scream 5, which technically is being sold as a “relaunch” (don’t even get my aching head to attempt to deduce the differences between a remake, relaunch, re-imagining, sequel, etc.).

 Radio Silence – the filmmaking production house that counts two of its own as directors on this new Scream installment, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin – announced the news this very day, saying, in part, “It’s hard to express how much the character of Sidney Prescott shaped our love of movies and to have the chance to work with Neve is truly a dream come true. It just wouldn’t be a Scream movie without Neve and we’re so excited and honored to join her in Woodsboro.”

 But what did the lady of the hour have to say about today’s big casting reveal? Funny you should ask, Dear Readers: “After spending time speaking with Radio Silence, they have shown such love, respect and admiration for Wes Craven and all that he’s created in the Scream franchise. I am beyond excited to step back into the role of Sidney Prescott and return to Woodsboro.”

The mention of one of the missing crucial and key components to the success of Scream 1-4 – legendary director Wes craven who passed away back in 2015 – is a poignant reminder of the huge hurdle the latest Scream film has to overcome, which is how does one replicate the talent and magic the A Nightmare on Elm Street creator brought to Kevin Williamson’s world of meta-talking teens being stalked by a very pop culturally aware serial killer?

 All will be made clear when Scream 5 hits movie theaters on January 14, 2022 with returning original cast members Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

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