Most Underrated Places to Visit in California

California is one of the most visited American States because of its incredible national parks, beaches, Hollywood, and mountains. It is one of Antonio Cuellar favorite destinations. He is an expert in the field as he is a luxury hotel photographer and videographer who travels the world photographing hotels and resorts. Antonio is also a judge for Luxury Travel Guide alongside two other travel channel Tv Hosts.  According to Antonio. California is a great state to visit, but it’s more than just parties Pier 39 in San Francisco and the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles. It’s all the small towns, beaches, and amazing experiences. It’s the boat rides, the vineyards, and everything in between. You can also try long beach whale watching. These are the most underrated places you should visit on your next trip to California.

            Point Reyes

            Point Reyes is a beautiful seashore destination located 30 miles away from San Francisco. The seashores over 1500 plant and animal species and has many hiking trails. This coastal location is not as common as places like San Diego and Malibu, so it’s a perfect quiet, beach getaway.

            Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs

            Mammoth Lake, located near Caliofornia’s Sierra Nevada mountains, is home to the Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs, like: Wild Willy’s Hot Springs, The Crab Cooker Hot Springs, and Whitmore Hot Springs. This is a natural, relaxing retreat. The springs’ temperature varies from 95 to 100 degrees fahrenheit. The Mammoth Lakes is said to be ski resort town, but it’s hot springs are what make it really special.

            Bodie Ghost Town

            What used to be a gold-mining town of 10,000 is now a ghost town that attracts tourists every year. The town, with the exception of visitors, is completely empty. Visitors can roam empty streets and see what became of the town of Bodie.

            Winchester Mystery House

            Situated in San Jose, California, the Winchester Mystery House is said to be haunted. The home was renovated by Sarah Winchester, who was constantly requesting changes in the home, although no one knows why. The Mansion has over 160 rooms, multiple elevators, two basements, and so much more. It is said that Sarah Winchester needed frequent renovations because she was being haunted by those killed by her husband’s invention, the Winchester rifle. What truly happened in that home is a mystery.


            Arcata is the city where California visitors can find Redwood Park. The trees here are absolutely enormous, towering over tourists at 350 feet.  Travelers can walk among these massive trees and discover the true beauty of nature. No place makes you feel quite as small as Redwood Park.

            Bodega Bay

            Bodega Bay is a small, coastal town in California located right near Sonoma Coast Vineyards. Sip wine while admiring the waves crash on the beach. The sights from the beach are awe-spiring, and the sunrises and sunsets are some of the best. Enjoy some crab legs, go kayaking on the ocean, and live the best beach life in Bodega Bay.

            Hidden Tunnels of Los Angeles

            When alcohol was illegal in Los Angeles, a number of underground bars opened up to sell liquor and let people party. Even though alcohol is legal today, those underground tunnels still exist. Through 11 miles of Los Angeles, people can travel between government buildings. They are mostly used by government employees for shortcuts, but they are completely open to the public.


            Sebastopol is a small town in Sonoma County that is considered one of the United States’ greatest small towns. It has a great, small town charm that is all about fine arts, delectable wine (they have a number of local vineyards), history, nature, and so much more. This town can be treated as a short pit stop on the way to San Francisco, as it is only 49 miles away. This is true California and small towns at its finest.

            Caliofornia’s coast towns and hidden ghost cities are worth a notice. On your next trip to the Golden State, check on some of their hidden gems. These underrated places are perfect for those hoping to avoid crowds and see some of California’s natural beauty.

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