How to Start Bodybuilding

Lifting or bodybuilding is becoming more and more popular. Well, who wouldn’t want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger during his younger years? You probably have seen TV shows or magazines featuring bodybuilders wearing their skimpy outfits while showing off their extraordinary muscles. Whatever your motivation is, you can undoubtedly start bodybuilding and achieve your goals soon enough.

Wondering where to begin? No worries as you have come to the right place. Here are excellent tips for you as you enter the exciting world of bodybuilding:

Find a Local Gym

Even if you intend to create a home gym so that you can work out conveniently, it is still highly recommended that you hit the local gyms. Why? Because as a beginner, you need to familiarize yourself with the different exercise equipment and how to use them correctly. Plus, if you go to a gym, you will have the opportunity to make connections with coaches and bodybuilders who can guide you. You will surely learn a lot of things from them, which will help you become successful in this sport.

Also, when you get a chance, it would be good to attend competitions. This way, you will get to feel how it is like. You will meet fellow bodybuilder enthusiasts, too.

Set Your Goals

In everything you do, you must set your goals, and the same goes for bodybuilding. First, you have to assess your body and identify the parts that you want to work on. Do you intend to join competitions? Or are you just aiming to look good when wearing tight-fitting shirts? Do you want to have better-looking biceps or triceps? Or do you want to focus on the muscles of your calves or perhaps your shoulders?

If you want to know precisely what you want to attain, then you can focus more on the type of workouts that will help you achieve your goals. One thing that you should keep in mind, though, is to set something that is realistic.        

Create an Exercise Program

Once you have set your goals, then you can start creating an exercise program. Depending on the part of your body that you want to improve, you can then make a list of the right type of exercise that will target specific muscles. For instance, if you are aiming to enhance your arms, you can include cable and barbell curls on your list. Overhead extension, chin-up, and triangle push-up would be good as well.

Also, plan on the frequency, intensity, and volume. But these changes should be done slowly so that your body can adapt accordingly.

Start Weight Training

Weight training would seem to be quite challenging at first. But that’s normal for beginners. To ensure that you are doing the right thing, it would be smart to engage a personal trainer. This way, somebody will be there to guide you. He can also help you in creating the best exercise program for you, considering your goals. Bodybuilders use good tasting protein to boost muscle repair and growth as well as  boost performance.

Before you train, do warm-up exercises to condition your body. And once you are done with your session, give your muscles enough time to recuperate. You can probably work out every other day or every two days.

Track Your Progress

It would be an excellent idea to track your progress as you go on your bodybuilding journey. You can take photos of yourself before you start training. This will allow you to see any gains that you will have over time. It may seem unnecessary, but this will surely motivate you even more.

Increase the Intensity

As a beginner, you don’t expect yourself to carry the heaviest weights right away. What you need to do is to start with the lowest. You can then increase the weights every week or two. But do this gradually. In case you feel any sharp pain or discomfort, stop and seek the assistance of your personal trainer. Never attempt to do exercises that are too much for your body to handle. Otherwise, that will only result in injuries, or worse, irreversible damages to your muscles.

Design Your Diet

Bodybuilding is not all about working out for hours on end. Please take note that your food intake matters a lot as well, so it is essential that you design your diet, too. You need to increase your intake of high-quality protein and whole foods. You must also eat before and after your training session to make your muscles stronger and faster to recover.

Use Supplements Wisely

A lot of bodybuilders are taking drugs or supplements to up their strength. There are various products that you can choose from, too. But before you use anything, you have to learn more about the product that you intend to buy. It would also be helpful if you check out the reviews or testimonials of other people so that you can see what works and what don’t.

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