How a Package Tracking System Works and What are The Different Types of Package Tracking Software?

For any business, it’s crucial to deliver the product promptly to the customers. And with the availability of a package tracking system software, it’s isn’t that difficult at all.

If you are into an e-commerce business, package tracker software can save you time and money. They provide information and feedback to customers about the shipment route, delivery status, and approximate delivery date and time. All-in-all, they help deliver the products to your customers’ destination within the required time frame.

Let’s find more about package tracking systems and software.

How a package tracking system works for businesses?

Bar Code Generation

The barcode is a unique ID containing all the information such as pick-up, destination information, and contact details for buyers, etc.

The entire operation of tracking software is based on the barcode. When the package is handed over to the courier company they generate a barcode and attach it to the product. This helps the customers easily track their parcels with the help of the tracking software, once it’s dispatched by the online retailer.

Barcode Scanning

Once the barcode is generated, the courier company scans it to store all the product details in their company’s server.

Storing Information

All information relevant to the package is stored in the tracking system immediately when the barcode is scanned. This includes information related to product origin, destination, delivery time and date. The stored detail help the customers track the real time location of their products by entering the order details on the courier company’s website.

Receiving the Package

Once the package leaves the courier company office, it reaches the warehouse where the supply chain team receives the package to send it to required destination.

Re-Scanning the Package Barcode

When the courier warehouse team receives the product, they rescan it and store the package tracking detail in their tracking system. The information they store usually includes the time and date they receive the product in their warehouse.

Dispatched For Delivery

The package is once again scanned at the warehouse location before it goes out for delivery. The team scans the package and stores information back in the tracking system, which includes the time and date the parcel left the courier service warehouse for delivery.

Package Delivery

Once the package is delivered to the customer, the courier team updates the tracking status to ‘package delivered’. They also update information such as the time of product delivery, recipient’s name, etc.

In the entire package tracking process, customers can easily track and see the movements of their ordered product by entering the order number on the website of the courier company. The best package tracking software provides a step by step overview of where the package actually is.

What are the different types of tracking software?

Since every business is different, it’s crucial to choose tracking software that is designed to meet your needs. Tracking software is available for a variety of business demographics, and you can always find a right for your situation.

Palm PDA Device Run Software

They are inbound package tracking systems that scan and log your package. They require special equipment to utilize the software, specifically handheld scanners or Palm PDA tools.

Although it is a web-based package tracking system, it’s not practical for the modern use case. The devices are outdated, comes at a high rental fee, and aren’t intuitive to the user. They usually have small screens that are difficult to read and are limited in terms of usability.

This tracking software type would most likely not satisfy your needs if you are an apartment complex, an office building, or student housing.

Add On Package Tracking Applications

If you are into e-commerce, you will probably be familiar with add-on package tracking. They offer a limited solution to your package logging and tracking needs and usually benefits when working with your CRM.

Although it’s a “one size fits all” option, this tracking software add-on lacks any real solution-based. It has a little consideration for the realistic needs of the package recipients. Businesses need to have in-depth information about them before deciding whether they can fulfill their needs.

Specialty Parcel Tracking Software

This is probably the best solution when it comes to package logging and tracking needs. Specialty tracking software is designed to track all types of logging and tracking information customer required for their inbound packages.

The specialty parcel tracking software offers customization to the courier service to build the best solution for their customers. The logging app for this tracking package software is web-based and also runs on IOS which means courier team can use them on their desktops as well mobile devices such as tablets. It has the ability to create multiple drops of locations along with providing instant notifications via text or email to package recipients.

What to look for in the best package tracking software?

When you begin your search for a suitable package tracking software here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Easy To Use and Manage

Tracking software should be simple for the users and for the administrators. It should allow users to add, edit, and update items as per their needs. It should have an efficient interface that allows the courier team to view current package location, historical information, and enable electronically capture signatures when items are received.

Multiple Tracking

With this feature, small items grouped in a master carton can be tracked individually. Multiple tracking features reduce the amount of data entry required, lowers shipping costs, and offer more package security.


Tracking software should be sufficiently flexible to match a variety of job preferences and styles configurable for each user.

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