Downloading Music and Movie Torrents Safely

Downloading Music and Movie Torrents Safely

Downloading music or movie torrents on to your PC, laptop or other devices will enable you to watch and stream the content you want to see regularly. 

Whether it’s a new release movie or a TV show which isn’t usually available in your geo area, the torrent you download could mean Saturday nights are more exciting for you and your family.

However, when downloading torrents you could potentially be opening yourself up to some whole new problems. One of the main ones being viruses. A great solution to take on to combat possible viruses is using a VPN for torrents – 

What’s a VPN?

Now, we know pirate bay is an amazing site to download free software and get the titles you want to watch. But a VPN is otherwise known as a Virtual Private Network. This service is designed to give you a lot more protection when working online, whether you are shopping, learning or streaming.

The specialised service clouds your location and doesn’t store any of your information. Meaning you can surf the web without being traced or tracked. This makes the Internet a lot safer for you as hackers don’t have anything to hack. And even if they tried, the VPN is encrypted so they won’t stand much of a chance.

How can I stay safe from viruses apart from through VPN?

There are many actions you can take to stay safe when using a torrent service. Some of the actions may seem more obvious than others, but each step can help reduce risk of identity theft, fraud and having to buy a new computer.

Antivirus software. The software that always bugs you for an update. Although annoying at times, anti-virus software is essential for blocking out malicious viruses. Unthinkable things can happen if a virus does get into your system so it’s best to get protected and stay that way. Even after installation, stay up to date on the new patches and updates to keep your system safe from hackers and other cyber attackers.

Look for seeders. Not something you’ll find in the garden, a torrent service which has a lot of seeders means that many users have tried, tested and then shared the service. There’s no complete guarantee that the service will be free of all viruses, but a high number of users usually collates to a safe service which gives you the content you require.

Check with other users. At the same time of looking for services with many seeders, also check out the comments. Like you’d check reviews for a product before buying, take a look at the comments of a particular torrent service to see whether anyone has experienced any issues. If anything has been found it is more than likely that a comment will be made on the appropriate page. This action may seem time-consuming, but it could save your device from harmful and damaging consequences.

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