Is Moss Bad for Your Flat Roof

Moss can severely damage all the structural elements of your home. These simple plants will not give you any beautiful flower, but it will surely damage even a new roofing project. Moss can be beautiful depending upon the weather and circumstances but growing moss on your rooftop is never considered as lovely rather it ends up with a costly flat roof replacement Vaughan.

Moss absorbs moisture from the weather and stores itself and establishes the roots there. This established root may lift the shingles of your house and the stored moisture make the place ideal for bacteria and mold growth. Here is everything about how moss damages your house and how you can treat it.

How moss bring damage for the roof

The north-facing areas are likely to get less sunlight so these are prone to moss. In these areas, you may not find moss on the same quantity. Most of them gets developed in the shady areas and places that get cool down within a small time. If you live in a cool area, still your rooftop gets enough sunlight, you don’t have to worry about moss grow up.

Mosses are seen as green dust powder on the top of the roofing. It gradually becomes thick and expands widely. If you have shingles, the shingle edge may also develop moss as they are likely to stay under the shade. It gets thicken and raise the shingles quickly. If it is wood shingles, then this process will grow at an alarming rate. Because the porous surface of the wood is ideal for moss growth. Once it starts to expand, this is tough to remove it from the surface.

Once it gets thicken, it becomes a sponge and absorbs all the moisture. This stored water from the moss damages the structural elements from the roof. It may even lead to rot which is the reason it decays of roofing material.

How to remove moss from the roof

You can remove moss from the roof physically. In that case, you can use a long-handled scrub brush to do this task. The pressure washer can also be an option rage powerful jet water mat cause damage to the roof. Do it when you see the first moss on your roof, otherwise, it may get thicken.

You can also find many chemicals available in the market which are specially made for killing the moss. You can buy baluster bleach, but it may bring damage to the plants. If you are using bleach, then make sure you wear rubber gloves and other protective clothing and eye protection during flat roof replacement Vaughan.

You can also prevent growing moss from your roof. Cut the limbs that hang from the roof or install stripe copper or zinc sling this ridge. The moss treatment is similar to the algae stain’s treatment. Copper wire can also be used here. Buy copper wire is an alternative option that will not affect the look the appearance of the roof. Before you choose anything, this will be best to ask a professional in that case.

Natural way to remove moss from the roof

Brushing, scraping, and hosting is ideal for removing small patchy moss. However, if you want to remove the moss naturally, then use vinegar. This environment-friendly natural miss killer works great even for the stubborn moss. You can also hire professionals for home renovation in Toronto to remove moss as it can be a hassle free option for you.

Spray the distilled white vinegar with acid strength on any moss that you see. It may take some days to kill the moss. This method is ideal for the application for the sunny weekend otherwise in the rainy season, rain can wash away the vinegar.

After few days of applying vinegar, use a brush over it to run away the dead moss.

Now you have an exact idea about how moss can damage your roof and you may decide for flat roof replacement. It should be cleared at an early stage of growth. This is also easy or remove the moss that is grown-up new. So, don’t hesitate. Take a scrubber on your hand rush on the spot where these criminals are born.

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